Course Overview:

It’s time to move forward into the next generation of Obesity Medicine…. Join us, as we take action together in 3 key areas of growth. An interactive discussion of “Catalysts” in the next steps towards improving patient care.

  1. Where’s Our 3rd Arm? A call to action about the future of research and clinical care in obesity medicine. A bariatric surgeon and obesity medicine specialist together discuss: 1) Recent studies that compare bariatric surgery to usual care and how to effectively use a more meaningful comparator arm in our next decade of research, and 2) A collaborative look at benefits and barriers to how this can transform clinical care in our practices!
  2. Are You Negligent if You Don’t Treat Obesity? With a growing percentage of individuals living with obesity either not receiving a diagnosis and/or not receiving treatment, it’s time to combine forces with our primary care colleagues. A new model of care that requires a new mantra: Treat or Refer!
  3. Measuring Success Beyond the BMI/Scale: Technology Every Obesity Medicine Clinic Should be Utilizing. Are you using technology to measure success and help predict response to interventions in the future? It’s time to get beyond the scale and BMI and take charge of our success metrics as a collaborative field.

Target Audience:

Obesity Medicine Specialists, Bariatric Surgeons, Obesity Researchers, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, and Behavior Specialists.

Education Objectives:

To help clinical providers and researchers recognize the continuum of care that individuals with obesity need and deserve when it comes to study development/outcomes, consistent excellent clinical care that is the rule – not the exception, and advancement of real time interventional disease data collection and markers beyond weight and BMI.

3:45pm Welcome
Wendy Scinta, MD
3:50pm Where’s Your 3rd Arm? A surgical perspective
Stacy Brethauer, MD
4:05pm Where’s Your 3rd Arm? A medical perspective
Debbie Horn, DO MPH FOMA
4:20pm Discussion / Question & Answer
4:30pm Are You Negligent if You Don’t Treat Obesity?
Craig Primack, MD
4:50pm Measuring Success Beyond the BMI: Technology Every Obesity Medicine Clinic Should be Utilizing
Angela Fitch, MD
5:10pm The Call to Action: Take home messages and how to implement change on Monday morning.
Wendy Scinta, MD
5:15pm Adjourn