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1:30pm A202 Roux-en-y gastric bypass after failed lower esophageal sphincter magnetic augmentation procedure
Authors: Darren Tishler, MD FASMBS; Andrea Stone, BS; Beata Lobel, MB BCh BAO; Pavlos K Papasavas, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Darren Tishler, MD FASMBS
1:41pm A203 Laparosocpic nissen fundoplication with the excluded stomach for recalcitrant gerd after a roux en y gastric bypass
Authors: Rana Pullatt, MD FASMBS; Karl T Byrne, MD; Benjamin White, MD; Diana Axiotis, MPAS PA-C; Molly Jones, RD LD; Shelby Allen, MD; Nina Crowley, PhD RD LD
Presenter: Rana Pullatt, MD FASMBS
1:52pm A204 Laparoscopic repair of recurrent hiatal hernia with ligamentum teres cardiopexy
Authors: Rena Moon, MD; Vincent Kirkpatrick, MD; Andre Teixeira, MD; Muhammad A Jawad, MD
Presenter: Andre Teixeira, MD
2:03pm A205 Laparoscopic resection of intussusception: Comparison between the conventional and a simplified approach
Authors: Ariel Shuchleib, MD; Ikemefuna Akusoba, MD; Pearl K Ma, MD; Daniel Swartz, MD; Keith B Boone, MD FASMBS; Kelvin Higa, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Ikemefuna Akusoba, MD
2:14pm A206 Laparoscopic conversion of gastric bypass to duodenal switch
Authors: Peter C Ng, MD FACS FASMBS; Lindsey S Sharp, MD; Dustin Bermudez, MD FACS FASMBS; Erica M McKearney, PA-C; Jillian Vari, PA-C RD; Sophia E Menozzi, Student; John Ambrose
Presenter: Peter C Ng, MD FACS FASMBS
2:25pm A207 Type 3 hiatal hernia complicating a mediogastric stenosis after gastric banding: Cure of hiatal hernia and revision to roux en y gastric bypass
Authors: Maud Robert, MD PhD; Arnaud Pasquer, MD
Presenter: Maud Robert, MD PhD
2:36pm A208 Laparoscopic reversal of roux en y gastric bypass with an intraoperative challenge
Authors: Arpit Patel, MD; Nathaniel R Kopelan; Alan Saber, MD
Presenter: Alan Saber, MD
2:47pm Question & Answer
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