‘Triple win’ policies can serendipitously hit the bullseye, when unintended benefits not directly related to their primary goals have positive effects for policymakers, clinicians, and patients. In this symposium, expert scholars and policymakers will review policies that have led to trickle down benefits on weight and health, including changes to minimum wage rates in Seattle and its impact on food pricing, potential health benefits from green building, and the changes to obesity prevalence after the implementation of a public housing voucher program.

8:00am Minimum-Wage Policy and the Effect on Food Prices: A Case-Study of Seattle King County
James H Buszkiewicz, MPH
8:30am Can Green Building Equal Healthier Building? The Fitwel Experience
Bryan Ross, MCRP
9:00am Neighborhoods and Obesity: How Economic Development and Livability Is a Win-Win for Business and Health
Leslie Meehan, MPA AICP