Assessment of energy intake and diet quality are essential in understanding the role of the diet in the prevention and treatment of obesity. To increase accuracy of dietary assessment, technological and mathematical methodologies, that may be used in conjunction with self-reported methods of dietary assessment or as stand-alone dietary assessment strategies, are being developed. Wearable sensors, digital images, biomarkers, and advanced algorithms are a few technologies that are ushering in a wave of new approaches for capturing intake. This session will highlight the challenges with self-reported dietary assessment; recent advances in dietary assessment methodology that measure energy intake and/or aspects of diet quality; and research and practice applications of dietary assessment. The session will also foster discussion around the pros and cons of each methodology and move the conversation toward a better understanding of the implications for use in obesity research and practice.

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TBA What Do We Really Know About Dietary Assessments? Can We Do Better?
Brenda Davy, PhD RDN FTOS
TBA Exploring New Assessments of Energy Intake
Kevin Hall, PhD
TBA Examining New Dietary Assessments for Diet Quality
Carol Boushey, PhD MPH RDN
TBA Next Steps: Merging Research and Practice―What Are the Implications?
Anne Mathews, PhD RDN