We are proposing a joint NORC initiative with TOS consistent with our shared commitment to work together and foster greater interactivity. The goal is to provide a high-level focus on “Environmental Influences on Adipose Tissue,” one of our NORC’s themes. This effort reflects discussion and collaboration with other NORC Directors and TOS leadership with a goal to promote multi- and interdisciplinary research collaborations among Center and TOS members with shared interests in environmental influences on health and metabolic disease.

3:30pm Opening Comments
Gregory Germino, MD
3:35pm Metabolism Disrupting Chemicals and Metabolic Disorders
Jerrold Heindel, PhD
3:50pm Effect of Environmental Temperature on Transcriptional Regulation of Brown Adipose Tissue Lipid Metabolism
Ji Suk Chang, PhD
4:00pm Identical Effect of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Low-calorie Diet on Metabolic Function in Diabetes
Mihoko Yoshino, MD PhD
4:10pm Perinatal Impact of Maternal Obesity on Adipogenic Potential
Paul S MacLean, PhD
4:35pm Sensing and Signaling Systems Linking Dietary Methionine Restriction to Remodeling of Adipose Tissue
Thomas W Gettys, PhD