The Role of Single Foods in Body Weight Change: Critical Empirical Considerations and Future Research Directions

Overview of Session: This panel presentation and discussion will focus on the empirical considerations and novel strategies for elucidating the role of single foods in body weight change. Emily Dhurandhar, PhD, will clarify the empirical framework that the discussion will be based on. Erik Stice, PhD and John Peters, PhD, will then discuss critical emerging factors that merit consideration within the framework. Dr. Stice will present the rationale for considering the effect of specific foods on hedonic reward pathways and future consumption of the food or related foods. Dr. Peters will discuss the contextual factors regarding circumstance, dose, cognitive and downstream effects on other weight related behaviors that need to be considered when studying a link between a specific food with weight change. Kevin Hall, PhD, will discuss trial and error, agent-based, mathematical modeling approaches to elucidating the role of specific foods in body weight change while accounting for all other possible known contributing factors. Dr. Carson will then lead a panel discussion and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.