Learn from the latest data published in JAMA and BMJ authored by leaders in the field of nutrition and metabolism how macronutrient content of the diet affects weight loss, inflammation, and insulin sensitivity during weight loss and what genetic components, if any, affect the results.

The George L. Blackburn Award for Excellence in Obesity Medicine

This award is funded by The Center for Nutritional Research Charitable Trust (CNRCT) in honor of George L Blackburn, MD, PhD. The award is given annually by The Obesity Society to honor a member who best exemplifies Dr. Blackburn’s success in combining translational research with evidence-based practice. This year’s recipient is:

Samuel Klein, MD

10:30am Introduction on Study Design
Caroline Apovian, MD FACP FTOS DABOM
10:40am Study Results Show Macronutrient Content Affects Energy Expenditure, and so Does Insulin Secretion
David S Ludwig, MD PhD; Cara Ebbeling-Zabilansky, PhD FTOS
11:05am Study Results Show Similar Weight Loss Patterns with a Healthy Low-Fat vs. a Healthy Low-Carbohydrate Diet: Testing for Predisposition by Genotype Pattern and Baseline Insulin Metabolism
Christopher Gardner, PhD
11:30am Commentator for Discussion on Macronutrient Content of the Diet in Weight Loss
Kevin Hall, PhD
11:55am Presentation of The George L. Blackburn Award for Excellence in Obesity Medicine
Samuel Klein, MD