Obesity is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for obesity but can it mend a broken heart? The speakers of this symposium will review the latest findings concerning the effect of obesity on cardiovascular disease and mortality, how it is affected by different types of bariatric surgeries, and whose heart benefits the most from bariatric surgery.

3:45pm Welcome
Tammy L Kindel, MD PhD
3:46pm "Your Good for Nothing Heart": morbid obesity and the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality
Asim Mohammed, MD
4:15pm "Heart to Heart Talk": the impact of bariatric surgery on cardiovascular disease risk and mortality
Martin Alpert, MD
4:45pm "My Foolish Heart": bariatric surgery and cardio-metabolic health improvement - who benefits?
John B Dixon, MBBS PhD
5:13pm Closing
Tammy L Kindel, MD PhD