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10:30am Update from The American Board of Surgery
10:40am A106 Aspiration therapy for the treatment of obesity: 2-4 year results of the PATHWAY multicenter randomized controlled trial
Authors: Christopher C Thompson, MD MSc FACG FASGE AGAF; Barham K Abu Dayyeh, MD MPH FASGE; Vladimir Kushnir, MD; Robert Kushner, MD; Alan B Schorr, DO FAAIM FACE; Louis Aronne, MD; Anastassia Amaro, MD; David L Jaffe, MD; Allison R Schulman, MD MPH; Dayna Early, MD; Adam C Stein, MD; Reem Sharaiha, MD; Steven A Edmundowicz, MD; J. Matthew Bohning, MD; Michael D Jensen, MD; Alpana P Shukla, MD; Caroline Apovian, MD FACP FTOS DABOM; Dong Wook Kim, MD; Daniel Tran, MD; Amir Zarrinpar, MD PhD; Michele B Ryan, MS; Meredith Young, MS RD LD; Abigail Lowe, MS RD; Miki Haas, RN BSN CCRP; Jennifer McCrea, MS; Shelby Sullivan, MD
Presenter: Christopher C Thompson, MD MSc FACG FASGE AGAF
11:00am A107 Manometric changes after sleeve gastrectomy, are there any preoperative manometric findings that could predict reflux?
Authors: Luciano Poggi, MD; Gerardo Arredondo, MD; Felix Camacho, MD; Omar Ibarra, MD; Diego Romani, MD; Luis Poggi, MD
Presenter: Luciano Poggi, MD
11:20am A108 Efficiency and safety of one anastomosis gastric bypass versus roux-en-y gastric bypass: Preliminary data of the YOMEGA randomized controlled trial
Authors: Maud Robert, MD PhD; Philippe Espalieu, MD; Elise PELASCINI, MD; Robert CAIAZZO, MD PhD; Adrien Sterkers, MD; Litavan KHAMPHOMMALA, MD; Tigran POGHOSYAN, MD PhD; Adriana TORCIVIA, MD; JEAN MARC CHEVALLIER, MD; Vincent MALHERBE, MD; Elie CHOUILLARD, MD PhD; Fabian RECHE, MD; Delphine MAUCORT-BOULCH, MD PhD; Sylvie BIN, MD; François Pattou, MD; Emmanuel DISSE, MD PhD
Presenter: Maud Robert, MD PhD
11:40am A109 Employing new enhanced recovery goals for bariatric surgery (ENERGY): A metabolic and bariatric surgery accreditation and quality improvement (MBSAQIP) national quality improvement project
Authors: Stacy Brethauer, MD; Anthony Petrick, MD; Arielle Grieco, MPH; Teresa Fraker, MS RN; Kimberly Evans-Labok, BA; April Smith, PharmD BCPS; Matthew McEvoy, MD; John M Morton, MD MPH FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Stacy Brethauer, MD
12:00pm A110 Metabolic surgery versus best medical management for type 2 diabetes: Interim analysis of the REMISSION prospective controlled trial
Authors: Laurent Biertho, MD; Mélanie Nadeau, MSc; Mélissa Pelletier, MSc; Simon Marceau, MD; Stefane Lebel, MD; Frederic-Simon Hould, MD; Francois Julien, MD; Francois Dube, MD; Denis Richard, PhD; Andre Tchernof, PhD FTOS
Presenter: Laurent Biertho, MD
12:20pm Adjourn