Interventions to prevent or reverse obesity in children have the potential to reduce rates of adult obesity over the long term. While there is evidence that non-surgical interventions to achieve and sustain reduced adiposity are more effective in children than in adults, specific treatment guidelines have not yet emerged. Precision medicine approaches are reducing the knowledge gap regarding the predictors of the best timing and methods for obesity prevention. Speakers in this session will discuss risk factors for obesity from the womb onward and when and how to intervene in childhood with the goal of a lifetime of better health. Like the sorting hat in the Harry Potter series, this information will direct us to match each child to the most effective intervention strategy.

1:30pm Genetics and Epigenetics, Ready for Prime Time
Marie-France Hivert, MD MMSc
2:00pm Neuroimaging and Eating Behavior Phenotypes
Kathleen Keller, PhD
2:30pm Toward Precision Approaches for Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Children
Jack A Yanovski, MD PhD