The last several years have seen unprecedented efforts for food labeling at the state, local and federal levels – from calorie labeling across a wide range of food retail settings, front-of-package labeling recommendations, warning labels on sugary beverages, to a proposed change to the Nutrition Facts label. How does the food industry view these changes and how have they responded? What have been the successes and challenges with implementation? What’s next on the labeling front? This symposium will provide a unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading food industry insiders.

10:15am Labeling and Snack Foods: The Next Labeling Frontier
Dan Christenson, MA
10:45am Should a Lobster Have a Calorie Label? Perspectives from the Grocery and Catering Industry
Julie Greene, BS
11:15am Riding the Labeling Wave: Early Implementation of Calorie Labeling by Food Retailers
Deanne Brandstetter, MBA RDN CDN FAND