The origins of obesity can be traced all the way back to the womb. A major obstacle to progress in this field is the difficulty in obtaining reliable measurements of body composition and feeding behavior during pregnancy and infancy. How do you get inside the womb? How do you measure babies’ feelings when they can’t even talk? Attendees can look forward to leaders in the field of early childhood obesity research sharing their successes, process, and failures on the road to learning about this critical life period.

10:15am Liquid Gold: Maternal Obesity, Breastmilk Composition, and Infant Outcomes
Jacob E Friedman, PhD
10:45am In Utero Effects on Offspring Body Composition: Novel Approaches to Assessment of Body Composition In Newborns
Dympna Gallagher, EdD
11:15am Origins of Food Reinforcement
Leonard H Epstein, PhD