Course Overview

A growing body of literature suggests that disordered sleep increases risk for a number of medical and psychological problems and negatively impacts quality of life. In particular, shorter sleep duration has been linked to obesity and metabolic dysfunction. Research on bariatric surgery outcomes suggests that surgical weight loss improves sleep quality and duration. Many health professionals work with patients with obesity, disordered sleep, or both. This symposium aims to improve understanding of sleep in the treatment for obesity and provides evidence-based clinical guidance and recommendations.

Learning Objectives

After this course, attendees will be able to:

  1. describe how shortened sleep duration and circadian misalignment increase risk for obesity & metabolic dysfunction
  2. apply evidence-based therapies for managing sleep disturbances
  3. implement practice applications for sleep hygiene

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10:30am Introduction and Housekeeping
Laura Andromalos, MS RD CDE; Kelly C Allison, PhD
10:35am Circadian Rhythm & Metabolic Dysfunction
Kelly C Allison, PhD
11:00am How Sleep Affects Bariatric Surgery Outcomes
Jessica L Lawson, PhD
11:15am Managing Sleep Disturbances in the Bariatric Surgery Population
Mark Gorman, PhD
11:35am Applications for Supporting Shift Workers
Laura Andromalos, MS RD CDE
11:50am Question & Answer Panel with ALL speakers
12:00pm Adjourn