Bariatric/metabolic surgery consistently increases longevity, but the chronic nature of the disease and the anatomic constructs that we perform can result in unanticipated side effects, complications and treatment failures. This course will be a comprehensive overview of revision procedures and algorithms used in the treatment of common complications as well as improving performance after surgery. Target Audience: Surgeons, Integrated Health Providers, Endoscopists, Dieticians, anyone interested in the long-term care of bariatric/metabolic surgery patients

Learning Objectives:

  1. Diagnose and treat common complications of the AGB, GBP, DS, and VSG procedures
  2. Understand the role of endoscopy in the treatment of complications
  3. Develop treatment algorithms for suboptimal treatment and/or failures (inadequate weight loss/control of metabolic syndrome) after surgery.

8:00am Introduction - Initial Assessment of the Revisional Bariatric Patient
Michael Dougherty, PA-C
8:05am Evaluation of Bariatric Patients for Revisional Surgery (Top Reasons to say “no” to Revisional Surgery)
Magurite Dunham, CRNP CBN
8:35am Psychological Evaluation of the Bariatric Patient for Revisional Surgery
Ninoska D Peterson, PhD
8:55am Considerations for Medical Management of Weight Regain
Angela Fitch, MD
9:15am Discussion
Michael Dougherty, PA-C
9:30am Break
10:00am Welcome back - Revision for complications
David Provost, MD
10:05am Reoperation for band prolapse, dilation, and erosion
Jeff Allen, MD
10:25am Management of the controlled sleeve leak
Steven Leeds, MD
10:45am Reoperation for GERD and stricture after sleeve
Richard Peterson, MD MPH
11:05am Revision bypass for complications - GG fistula, marginal ulcer, stricture, malnutrition
Edward Felix, MD
11:25am Bypass reversal – indications and technique
Rana Pullatt, MD FASMBS
11:45am Discussion
David Provost, MD
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Welcome back - Band Revisions
Jason Kempenich, MD
1:35pm Band to Sleeve
Robert Carpenter, MD
1:55pm Band to Gastric Bypass
John Pilcher, MD
2:15pm “I had a band, in 1986” – VBG revisions, evaluation of the unknown
David Provost, MD
2:35pm Revision of Bypass Pouch/Stoma
John Romanelli, MD
2:55pm Discussion
Jason Kempenich, MD
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Welcome back - Revision for weight regain
Michael Dougherty, PA-C
3:35pm Endoscopic revision for weight regain
Erik Wilson, MD
3:52pm Reasons to Convert VSG to BPD/DS vs. Gastric Bypass
Fernando Bonanni, MD
4:17pm Malabsorptive revisions of gastric bypass
4:34pm Band over bypass
George Fielding, MD
4:50pm An analysis of Bariatric Revision/Reoperation: LABS Study
Farah A Husain, MD FASMBS
5:15pm Question & Answer
5:30pm Adjourn