SNAP (formerly called food stamps) is a critical federal nutrition program, which provides 1 in 7 (45 million) Americans with benefits to purchase food. The farm bill, which reauthorizes SNAP every 5 years, is scheduled for reauthorization in 2018. The last farm bill had a five-year cost of $489 billion of which 80% was for SNAP and other nutrition programs. SNAP effectively alleviates food insecurity but recipients generally have worse diet quality than similar nonparticipants. This symposium will provide a state of the science on SNAP and present different and sometimes opposing policy positions of key SNAP advocates.

3:30pm Next Steps for SNAP: Find Creative Solutions to Improve Diet Quality
Marlene B Schwartz, PhD
4:00pm Next Steps for SNAP: Advancing Food Security and Nutrition
Lynn D Silver, MD MPH
4:30pm What Does the Science Say About the Impact of Snap and Strategies for Improving Health?
Lisa Harnack, DrPH RD MPH