3:45pm T-OR-2049 Food Insecurity Is Related to Adverse Cardiometabolic Risk Profiles in Hispanic/Latino Children
Authors: Luis E Maldonado, MPH; Krista M Perreira; Daniela Sotres-Alvarez, DrPH; Carmen Isasi, MD PhD; Linda C Gallo, PhD; Josiemer Mattei, PhD MPH; Amanda C McClain, PhD MS; Sandra S Albrecht, PhD MPH
Presenter: Luis E Maldonado, MPH
4:00pm T-OR-2050 The Stress of Food Insecurity in Adolescence and Its Effect on Self-Efficacy and Reward Sensitivity
Authors: Amanda K Crandall, MS; Katherine N Balantekin, PhD RD; Amanda M Ziegler, MPH BSN; Adam M Graczyk, MS; Jennifer L Temple, PhD
Presenter: Amanda K Crandall, MS
4:15pm T-OR-2051 The Power of Story: Low-income Family Narratives of What Drives Health Behavior Change
Authors: Juan Escarfuller, MDiv MA; Kemberlee Bonnet, MA; Sariha I Moyen, BS MD; Eli K Po'e; William J Heerman, MD MPH; Shari Barkin, MD MSHS; David G Schlundt, PhD
Presenter: Juan Escarfuller, MDiv MA
4:30pm T-OR-2052 Food Insecurity and Child Appetitive Traits in Head Start Preschoolers
Authors: Sally G Eagleton, MS; Jennifer S Savage, PhD
Presenter: Sally G Eagleton, MS
4:45pm T-OR-2053 Impact of Life Events on Change in BMI in Early and Middle Childhood
Authors: Zachary A Weber, MS; Abigail Shoben, PhD; Sarah E Anderson, PhD
Presenter: Zachary A Weber, MS
5:00pm T-OR-2054 Intergenerational Educational Attainment on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in United States Latinos
Authors: Emma Crenshaw; Lindsay Fernandez-Rhodes, PhD; Mary N Haan; Allison E Aiello, PhD
Presenter: Emma Crenshaw