Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the current state of adolescent obesity care in regions of the world
  2. Learn the current state of adolecent obesity management in other regions of the world using specific modalities – sleeve gastrectomy, baloons, endobarriers, medications, etc
  3. Learn the US state of the art in analogous obesity disease treatment methodologies
  4. Compare obesity treatment in the pediatric population in other countries to the US.

Overview and Target Audience:

Join the pediatric committees of asmbs and TOS as we hear about the treatments for pediatric obesity happening around the world. Our program will take you to Canada, Britain, Europe and the Middle East in the morning and then come around thru India, Japan/Asia, Australia and Brazil in the afternoon. We will pair several of our international speakers with the US perspective on subjects as diverse as ERAS, medications, health care delivery systems and developmental delay.

We will break for the Pediatric Obesity Committee meeting and speaker over lunch. So please join us from 10:30-3:00 for a full session of ASMBS/TOS networking and discussion on how to treat the children with obesity.

Speakers Coming Soon!

10:30am Welcome and Introductory Remarks
10:35am Canadian Experience & Day Program for Obesity
10:47am British Isles Experience & Psychiatric Outcomes in Bariatric Surgery Patients
10:59am US Pediatric Obesity Treatment Psychiatric Outcomes
11:06am Swiss and European Experience & Medication Use
11:18am US Pediatric Obesity Medication Use
11:25am Middle Eastern Experience & Endobarrier and Devices
11:37am Question and Answer
11:45am Lunch
1:35pm Indian Experience & Genetic Obesity, Surgical Treatment
1:47pm US Pediatric Obesity Treatment in Patients with Developmental Delay
1:54pm Japanese and Asian Experience & Pediatric Bariatric Surgery ERAS
2:06pm Australian Experience & Health Service Delivery in Australia for Pediatric Obesity
2:18pm Health Care Delivery in the US for the Treatment of Pediatric Obesity
2:30pm Brazilian Experience & Balloons/Devices in Pediatric Bariatric Patients
2:47pm Question and Answer/Wrap Up