This unique poster session runs all the hours the exhibit hall is open. Come see what’s happening at the Nutrition Obesity Research Centers (NORC) and talk to NORC scientists about their programs on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at Noon-1:30. Not all presenters are available all days. Check schedule below for details.

12:00pm Animal Models and Phenotyping Core
Randall L Mynatt, PhD
12:00pm Human Phenotyping Core
Corby K Martin, PhD
12:00pm Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center (MNORC)
Heidi IglayReger, PhD
12:00pm Human Stem Cell-derived Hypothalamic Neurons
Claudia Doege, MD
12:00pm Molecular Mechanisms Core
J. Michael Salbaum, PhD
12:00pm New York Obesity Research Center Core Services
Dympna Gallagher, EdD
12:00pm Nutritional Genomics-Microbiome Core: A Unique Resource for Precision Nutrition in Obesity Research
V. Saroja Voruganti, PhD
12:00pm UAB Animal Models Core
Tim R Nagy, PhD FTOS
12:00pm UAB NORC Biostatistics Core
Tapan Mehta, PhD
12:00pm UAB NORC Metabolism Core
Barbara A Gower, PhD
12:00pm UAB NORC Physical Activity Core
Gary R Hunter, PhD
12:00pm UNC NORC Human Assessment and Intervention: Intervention Sub-Core
Deborah F Tate, PhD
12:00pm UNC NORC Human Assessment and Intervention: Assessment Sub-Core
Kimberly P Truesdale, PhD
12:00pm Zebrafish & Phenotyping
Braxton Mitchell, PhD