Bariatric nutrition is highly relevant in the life of every patient. However, the field is littered with misconceptions that can negatively impact the health and success of patients. This course is designed with the bariatric dietitian in mind but all health care professionals will benefit from an update on the latest evidence-based guidelines in bariatric nutrition. Preoperative and postoperative periods will be covered as well as topics that apply to both inpatient and outpatient settings. Multidisciplinary topics relating to nutrition will be incorporated to provide attendees with the ability to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe current evidence base for preoperative medical weight management, weight loss, and nutrition intervention in patients preparing for bariatric surgery.
  2. Describe nutritional considerations in patient who have undergone LVAD procedure
  3. List special nutritional concerns in patients who become pregnant post bariatric surgery
  4. List challenges RDs face related to supplementing micronutrients per current ASMBS Nutrition Guidelines

8:00am Introduction
Sue Cummings, MS RD
8:10am Medical Weight Management Pre-Op
Colleen Tewksbury, MPH RD LDN
8:40am Challenges Recommending Post-Op Vit/Min Supplements
Sue Cummings, MS RD
9:10am Nutritional Considerations in Pregnancy Post Bariatric Surgery
Katie Chapmon, MS RD
9:40am Break
10:00am Challenging Cases: Post - SG
Liz Goldenberg, MPH RD CDN
10:20am Challenging Cases: Post - RYGB
Liz Goldenberg, MPH RD CDN
10:40am LVAD Procedure and Sleeve Gastrectomy Nutritional Considerations in Patients Undergoing LVAD
Carol Wolin-Riklin, MA RD LD
11:00am Panel Discussion / Question & Answer
Liz Goldenberg, MPH RD CDN; Katie Chapmon, MS RD; Carol Wolin-Riklin, MA RD LD
11:15am A255 Tryptophan and bariatric nutritional metabolomics
Authors: Carol Wolin-Riklin, MA RD LD; Shinil Shah, DO; Erik Wilson, MD
Presenter: Carol Wolin-Riklin, MA RD LD
11:25am A256 Nutrition supplement after bariatric surgery: Does it really make difference?
Authors: Wah Yang, MD; Songhao Hu, MD; Pik Nga Cheung, MD; Cunchuan Wang, MD PhD
Presenter: Wah Yang, MD
11:35am A257 10 years follow-up after bariatric surgery(BS): Body composition, weight and diabetes
Authors: Andrea Pereira, MD PhD
Presenter: Andrea Pereira, MD PhD
11:45am Discussion / Question & Answer
12:00pm Adjourn