Learning Objects

  1. Review the prevalence of non-response and weight regain following bariatric surgery.
  2. Define appropriate terms to use when discussing non-response and weight regain in a non-stigmatizing/non-blaming manner.
  3. Explore etiology and risk factors associated with non-response and weight regain from a multidisciplinary framework.
  4. Review multidisciplinary interventions to prevent, manage, and treat non-response and weight regain.

1:30pm Welcome
Kasey Goodpaster, PhD
1:33pm Non-Responder and Weight Regain: A primer on definitions, appropriate terminology, and prevalence
Stephen Archer, MD FACS
1:47pm Physiological factors
Christopher D Still, DO FACN FACP
2:01pm Lifestyle factors: Diet, exercise, and adherence
David Creel, PhD RD
2:15pm Psychosocial factors: Eating pathology and transfer of addiction
Rheanna Ata, PhD
2:29pm Prevention of weight regain: The role of weight stigma
Scott Kahan, MD MPH FTOS
2:43pm Q&A panel for morning speakers
Kasey Goodpaster, PhD; Christopher D Still, DO FACN FACP; Stephen Archer, MD FACS
2:53pm Break
3:08pm Welcome
Saniea Majid, MD FACS
3:10pm Surgical interventions
Erik Wilson, MD
3:24pm Medical/Pharmacological interventions
Debbie Horn, DO MPH FOMA
3:38pm Nutritional and Motivational Considerations with Weight Regain
Katie Chapmon, MS RD
3:52pm Behavioral interventions: Treating eating disorders and distorted thought patterns post-surgery
Kasey Goodpaster, PhD
4:06pm Question & Answer Panel for Speakers
Kasey Goodpaster, PhD; Erik Wilson, MD; Debbie Horn, DO MPH FOMA; Katie Chapmon, MS RD; Saniea Majid, MD FACS
4:16pm Multidisciplinary panel: Case-based discussion of a collaborative "response team" model
Saniea Majid, MD FACS
4:46pm Take home points: What can you do on Monday morning?
Debbie Horn, DO MPH FOMA
5:00pm Adjourn