1:30pm T-OR-2037 Neuroanatomical Changes in White and Grey Matter After Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Andréanne Michaud, PhD; Mahsa Dadar; Mélissa Pelletier, MSc; Laurent Biertho, MD; Yashar Zeighami; Yvonne Yau; Louis D Collins; Andre Tchernof, PhD FTOS; Denis Richard, PhD; Alain Dagher, MD
Presenter: Andréanne Michaud, PhD
1:45pm T-OR-2038 Later Puberty Predicts Visual/Self-control Functional Brain Connectivity and Low BMI in Adulthood
Authors: Grace E Shearrer, PhD; Jennifer R Sadler, BA; Kyle Burger
Presenter: Grace E Shearrer, PhD
2:00pm T-OR-2039 Hypothalamic Gliosis in Children: Regional Brain Quantitative MRI Study at 2 Study Sites
Authors: Leticia E Sewaybricker, MD PhD; Susan Carnell, PhD; Susan J Melhorn, PhD; Afroditi Papantoni, BS; Jun Hua; Mary F Webb, ND; Christian L Roth, MD; Ellen Schur, MD MS
Presenter: Leticia E Sewaybricker, MD PhD
2:15pm T-OR-2040 Sex Differences in Appetite Regulation With Exercise Training: A Role for Hypothalamic IL-6
Authors: Rebecca Foright, PhD(c); Ginger C Johnson, MS; Darcy E Kahn, MS; Catherine A Charleston; David Presby, BS; Vanessa D Sherk; Matthew Jackman, PhD; Benjamin N Greenwood; Paul S MacLean, PhD
Presenter: Rebecca Foright, PhD(c)
2:30pm T-OR-2041 Maternal Obesity Programs Hypothalamic ER Stress
Authors: Soyoung Park, PhD; Sebastien G Bouret, PhD
Presenter: Soyoung Park, PhD
2:45pm T-OR-2042 Homeostatic Need States Differentially Recruit Cue-evoked VTA Phasic Dopamine Signaling
Authors: Ted M Hsu, PhD; Vaibhav R Konanur; Mitchell F Roitman
Presenter: Ted M Hsu, PhD