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1:30pm The Increasing Epidemic: Are We Blaming The Victims?
Henry Buchwald, MD PhD FACS HonFRCS
1:45pm Comparison Of The Current Procedures (RYGB, SG, DS, Omega, etc.)
Alfons Pomp, MD FACS
2:00pm Underlying Mechanisms: How Does The Surgery Work?
Walter J Pories, MD FACS
2:15pm The Adverse Outcomes (Hypoglycemia, Neuropathy, Weight Regain, Psychologic, Occupational) And How To Prevent Them
Robin P. Blackstone, MD
2:30pm The Endocrinologist’s Prospective
Caroline Apovian, MD FACP FTOS DABOM
2:45pm Floor Discussion
3:00pm Adjourn