Course Overview and Target Audience:

The Masters in Behavioral Health Course provides an overview of the psychological, social, and behavioral issues of bariatric surgery patients both before and after surgery. The course is designed for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, licensed counselors and other mental and medical health professionals who work with bariatric surgery patients. This educational content is designed for an intermediate/advanced level.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify psychological, behavioral and social issues commonly present in bariatric surgery patients and their associations with outcomes.
  2. Summarize psychosocial and behavioral changes that occur with bariatric surgery and their associations with outcomes.
  3. Identify the relationships between biology and behavior as it relates to changes that follow bariatric surgery.
  4. Explain current issues related to the psychosocial evaluation of bariatric surgery patients and the role of the behavioral health professional.
  5. Describe emerging obesity treatments and the role of behavioral health in these newer treatments.
  6. Describe ways to expand traditional treatment methods in the treatment of bariatric surgery patients.
  7. Explain issues related to professional and ethical decision making in the treatment of the bariatric surgery patient, particularly as it pertains to understudied populations (e.g., adolescents/pediatrics, individuals with disabilities, etc.).

1:30pm Welcome
Janelle W Coughlin, PhD; Kristine Steffen, PharmD PhD
1:35pm A243 Prevalence and correlates of psychiatric medication discontinuation one month after bariatric surgery
Authors: Kasey Goodpaster, PhD; Leslie J Heinberg, PhD; Ninoska D Peterson, PhD
Presenter: Kasey Goodpaster, PhD
1:55pm A244 Health or appearance? Factors motivating the decision to seek bariatric surgery
Authors: Rebecca Pearl, PhD; Thomas A Wadden, PhD; Kaylah Walton; Kelly C Allison, PhD; Jena S Tronieri, PhD; Noel N Williams, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Rebecca Pearl, PhD
2:15pm A245 Relationship between depression, weight, and patient satisfaction two years after bariatric surgery
Authors: Kellie M Martens, PHD; Aaron Hamann, PsyD; Lisa R Miller-Matero, PhD; Chazlyn Miller, BS; Aaron J Bonham, MSc; Arthur M Carlin, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Kellie M Martens, PHD
2:35pm A246 Pain perceptions in bariatric surgery candidates: the role of pain catastrophizing
Authors: Colleen Schreyer, PhD; Jessica K. Salwen-Deremer, PhD; Amanda Montanari, BA; Breanna Holloway, BA; Janelle W Coughlin, PhD
Presenter: Colleen Schreyer, PhD
2:55pm Closing
3:00pm Break
3:45pm Welcome
Janelle W Coughlin, PhD; Kristine Steffen, PharmD PhD
3:50pm Psychosocial Complications of Bariatric Surgery
James E Mitchell, MD
4:50pm A247 The BARS study: Patient understanding and use of alcohol after bariatric surgery
Authors: Lisa R Miller-Matero, PhD; Joseph P. Coleman, PhD; Leah LaLonde, MS; Kellie M Martens, PHD; Aaron Hamann, PsyD; Arthur M Carlin, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Lisa R Miller-Matero, PhD
5:10pm A248 Alcohol use disorders and psychiatric hospitalizations after bariatric surgery
Authors: Wynne Lundblad, MD; Rachel P Kolko, PhD; Alexis M Fertig, MD MPH; Michele D Levine, PhD FTOS; Marsha D Marcus, PhD
Presenter: Wynne Lundblad, MD
5:30pm Adjourn