3:45pm T-OR-2043 Ectopic Fat Stores, Endogenous Glucose Production, and Glucose Disposal Early and Late in Pregnancy
Authors: Jonathan Q Purnell, MD FTOS; Michael C Leo, PhD; Melanie Francisco; James P DeLany, PhD; Nicole Marshall, MD MCR; Amy Valent; Eric Baetscher; William Rooney, PhD; Kimberly Vesco, MD
Presenter: Jonathan Q Purnell, MD FTOS
4:00pm T-OR-2044 Fatty Acid Oxidation Differs in Toddlers From Mothers of Varying Obesity Status
Authors: Elisabet Børsheim, PhD; Matthew Q Cotter, MSc; Eva C Diaz, MD; Aline Andres, PhD
Presenter: Elisabet Børsheim, PhD
4:15pm T-OR-2045 Impaired Metabolic Flexibility to High-Fat Overfeeding Predicts Future Weight Gain in Humans
Authors: Brittany Begaye, BS; Karyne L Vinales, MD; Takafumi Ando, PhD; Jonathan Krakoff, MD; Paolo Piaggi, PhD
Presenter: Brittany Begaye, BS
4:30pm T-OR-2046 Reduced Counterregulatory Hormone Activity During Stress Distinguishes Metabolically Healthy Obese
Authors: Anastasia Georgiades, PhD; Redford B Williams, MD; James D Lane, PhD; Stephen H Boyle, PhD; Beverly H Brummett, PhD; Michael A Babyak, PhD; Ilene C Siegler, PhD; Zackery W Reavis, BA; Cynthia M Kuhn, PhD; Richard S Surwit, PhD
Presenter: Anastasia Georgiades, PhD
4:45pm T-OR-2047 Low Aerobic Capacity and Mitochondrial Impairments Contribute to β-cell Dysfunction in Obese Adults
Authors: Christopher L Axelrod, MEd; Ciarán E Fealy, PhD; Melissa L Erickson, PhD; Charles L Hoppel, MD; Emily Huang, MS; John P Kirwan, PhD
Presenter: Christopher L Axelrod, MEd
5:00pm T-OR-2048 Biliopancreatic Diversion Causes Greater Metabolic Improvements Than Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Lydia-Ann Harris, PhD; Brandon Kayser, PhD; Bruce W Patterson, PhD; Adewole L Okunade, PhD; Elisa Fabbrini, MD PhD; Geltrude Mingrone; Samuel Klein, MD
Presenter: Lydia-Ann Harris, PhD