10:15am T-OR-2001 Cognitive Function Predicts Early Response to Behavioral Weight Loss Treatment in Obese Adults
Authors: Caitlin E Smith, BS; Misty A Hawkins, PhD
Presenter: Caitlin E Smith, BS
10:30am T-OR-2002 Computerized Neurocognitive Training for Improving Dietary Health and Facilitating Weight Loss
Authors: Evan M Forman, PhD; Stephanie Manasse, PhD; Diane H Dallal, BA; Meghan L Butryn, PhD; Adrienne Juarascio, PhD; Rebecca J Crochiere, BA; Caitlin M Loyka, BA; Cara L Dochat, BA
Presenter: Evan M Forman, PhD
10:45am T-OR-2003 Identifying Momentary Triggers of Dietary Lapse in a Mobile Health (mHealth) Intervention
Authors: Rebecca J Crochiere, BA; Leah M Schumacher, MS; Stephanie P Goldstein, MS; Evan M Forman, PhD
Presenter: Rebecca J Crochiere, BA
11:00am T-OR-2004 Determining the Effectiveness of Daily Self-Weighing in Preventing Holiday-Associated Weight Gain
Authors: Sepideh Kaviani, PhD(c); Jamie A Cooper, PhD
Presenter: Sepideh Kaviani, PhD(c)
11:15am T-OR-2005 Social Network Intervention Reduces Sugar-sweetened Beverage Intake Among Public Housing Residents
Authors: Kimberly A Gudzune, MD MPH; Onumara Opara; Jonathan C Martinez, BA; David M Levine, MD; Carl A Latkin, PhD; Jeanne M Clark, MD MPH
Presenter: Kimberly A Gudzune, MD MPH
11:30am T-OR-2006 The Way We Teach About Obesity Affects the Weight Bias Status Among Kinesiology Students
Authors: Nadeeja N Wijayatunga, MBBS MPhil PhD; Youngdeok Kim, PhD; Emily J Dhurandhar, PhD
Presenter: Nadeeja N Wijayatunga, MBBS MPhil PhD