8:30am T-OR-2031 Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Different Treatments of Preschool Obesity
Authors: Anna Ek, PhD; Katie L Chamberlain; Kimmo Sorjonen; Ulf Hammar; Pernilla Sandvik; Mahnoush Malek, MSc; Karin Nordin, MSc; Maria Somaraki, MSc; Claude Marcus, MD PhD; Paulina Nowicka, PhD
Presenter: Anna Ek, PhD
8:45am T-OR-2032 The Effects of a “THINK” Program on Health Related Outcomes in Minority Children
Authors: Emily W Flanagan, MS; Arlette C Perry, PhD; Carolina Velasquez; Kara Bolon; Soyeon Ahn, PhD
Presenter: Emily W Flanagan, MS
9:00am T-OR-2033 Two Year Outcomes From ACTION PAC, an Adolescent Obesity Intervention Trial
Authors: Elizabeth Y Jimenez, PhD RDN LD; Grace McCauley, MPH; Sarah G Sanders, RN MS; Monique Vallabhan, DNP FNP-BC MSN RN; Alberta S Kong, MD MPH
Presenter: Monique Vallabhan, DNP FNP-BC MSN RN
9:15am T-OR-2034 Preventing Excess Summer Weight Gain: Testing the Structured Day Hypothesis With Summer Camp
Authors: E. Whitney Evans, PhD; Denise Fernandes; Whitney C Howie, MPH; Rena R Wing, PhD; Elissa Jelalian, PhD
Presenter: E. Whitney Evans, PhD
9:30am T-OR-2035 Strength Exercises During Physical Education in Secondary Schools Improve Body Composition: An RCT
Authors: Guy Plasqui, PhD; Gill A ten Hoor, PhD; Geert Rutten, PhD; Gerjo Kok, PhD; Rob Ruiter; Kenneth Meijer, PhD; Stef Kremers; Frans Feron, MD PhD; Rik Crutzen, PhD; Annemie Schols, PhD
Presenter: Guy Plasqui, PhD
9:45am T-OR-2036 5-yr Cardiovascular Risks After Bariatric Surgery: An Analysis From the Teen-LABS & LABS Consortia
Authors: Todd M Jenkins, PhD MPH; Thomas H Inge, MD PhD; Anita P Courcoulas, MD MPH FACS; John B Dixon, MBBS PhD; Marc P Michalsky, MD; Michael Helmrath, MD; Mary L Brandt, MD; Changchun Xie, PhD; Mike Chen, MD; Carroll M Harmon, MD PhD; James E Mitchell, MD
Presenter: Thomas H Inge, MD PhD