3:30pm T-OR-2013 Opioid Use After Gastric Bypass or Intensive Lifestyle Treatment: Nationwide Matched Cohort Study
Authors: Stefan Wallen, MSc Pharm; Gustaf M Bruze, PhD; Johan Ottosson, MD PhD; Claude Marcus, MD PhD; Johan Sundström; Eva Szabo; Maria Palmetun Ekbäck, PhD; Ingmar Näslund, MD PhD; Martin Neovius, PhD
Presenter: Gustaf M Bruze, PhD
3:45pm T-OR-2014 Weight-independent Benefits of RYGB on Diabetes Remission Extends, and Increases, to 7 Years
Authors: Jonathan Q Purnell, MD FTOS; Blandine Laferrѐre, MD PhD; Elizabeth N Dewey, MS; Bruce M Wolfe, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Jonathan Q Purnell, MD FTOS
4:00pm T-OR-2015 Mayo Clinic’s Experience of Post Bariatric Hypoglycemia Over the Past Decade
Authors: Tiffany Cortes, MD; Nana Esi N Kittah, MBChB; Kristen Gonzales; Daniela Hurtado, MD PhD; Adrian Vella, MD; Meera Shah, MD; Pankaj Shah, MD; Manpreet Mundi, MD; Maria Collazo-Clavell, MD
Presenter: Tiffany Cortes, MD
4:15pm T-OR-2016 The Mitigating Effect of Weight Loss Medications on Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass Surgery
Authors: Wendy Anderson, MS RDN LDN; Dylan Thomas, MD; Caroline Apovian, MD FACP FTOS DABOM; Donald T Hess, Jr., MD; Brian Carmine, MD; Amanda Velazquez, MD; Nawfal Istfan, MD PhD
Presenter: Nawfal Istfan, MD PhD
4:30pm T-OR-2017 Alcohol Consumption and Weight Loss During an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention
Authors: Ariana M Chao, PhD CRNP RN; Thomas A Wadden, PhD; Jena S Tronieri, PhD; Robert I Berkowitz, MD
Presenter: Ariana M Chao, PhD CRNP RN
4:45pm T-OR-2018 Effectiveness of a Total Meal Replacement Program Compared With Food Based Diet Plan on Body Composition:The OPTIWIN Study
Authors: Laura E Matarese, PhD RD; Jamy D Ard, MD FTOS; Anthony M Auriemma, MD JD; Sally L Coburn, FNP-BC CSOWM RN-BC; Kristina Lewis, MD MPH SM; Judy F Loper, PhD RDN FTOS; Seletha Periman, MS MPH RD; Walter J Pories, MD FACS; Amy E Rothberg, MD PhD
Presenter: Laura E Matarese, PhD RD