The American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) would like to propose a symposium to be presented at Obesity Week within the ASMBS program on the topic of Integrating Obesity Medicine Physicians into Bariatric Surgery Programs.
Obesity is a chronic disease that requires comprehensive and integrated treatment – lifestyle, pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery. Being trained in the complexities of obesity enhances patient care. We will be focusing on the medical- bariatric surgery interface in this symposium. Approximately 4% of ABOM diplomates are practicing bariatric surgeons. There are opportunities for bariatric surgeons to increase their own scope of practice through certification and there is also the opportunity to create a comprehensive bariatric surgery program with a bariatric surgeon working together with an obesity medicine physician. Bariatric surgeons who do not wish to seek certification themselves have several options when it comes to working with an obesity medicine physician: look to hire an ABOM diplomate directly or help guide a local primary care physician through the certification process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define obesity as a chronic disease continuum where surgery is one treatment option.
  2. Describe the value of obtaining ABOM certification.
  3. Discuss the role of the obesity medicine physician -bariatric surgeon team approach.

More information coming soon!

1:30pm Introduction
Robert Kushner, MD
1:35pm The integrated nature of obesity – treatment of a chronic disease
Rekha Kumar, MD
1:55pm The Role of the Obesity Medicine physician within a Surgical Practice.
Christopher D Still, DO FACN FACP
2:15pm A bariatric surgeon who is an ABOM diplomate (how does this perspective change patient care?).
2:35pm Case Studies: A bariatric surgeon working in partnership with an Obesity Medicine Physician.
Wayne J English, MD; John B Cleek, MD
2:55pm Question & Answer
3:00pm Adjourn