1:30pm T-OR-LB-2073 Cardiometabolic Safety & Efficacy of Lorcaserin in Obese and Overweight Patients in CAMELLIA-TIMI 61
Authors: Steven R Smith, MD; Erin A Bohula, MD DPhil; Benjamin M Scirica, MD MPH; Darren K McGuire, MD MHSc; Silvio E Inzucchi, MD; Anthony C Keech, MD; KyungAh Im, PhD; Tushar Patel; Bruce Francis, MD; Wenfeng Miao; Carlos A Perdomo, MS; Shobha Dhadda, PhD; Marc Sabatine, MD MPH; Stephen D Wiviott, MD
Presenter: Steven R Smith, MD
1:45pm T-OR-LB-2074 Effectiveness and Risk of Longer-Term Phentermine Use: An EHR Cohort Study From the PORTAL Network
Authors: Kristina Lewis, MD MPH SM; Heidi Fischer, PhD; Jamy D Ard, MD FTOS; Lee J Barton; Daniel H Bessesen, MD; Matthew Daley, MD; Jay Desai, MD; Stephanie L Fitzpatrick, PhD; Michael Horberg, MD; Corinna Koebnick, PhD; Caryn E Oshiro, PhD RD; Ayae Yamamoto, SM; Deborah R Young, PhD; David Arterburn, MD MPH
Presenter: Kristina Lewis, MD MPH SM
2:00pm T-OR-LB-2075 Morning Aerobic Exercise Results in Significantly More Weight Loss Compared to Evening Exercise
Authors: Erik Willis, PhD MPH; Seth A Creasy, PhD; Jeffery J Honas, MS MPH; Edward Melanson, PhD; Joseph E Donnelly, EdD
Presenter: Erik Willis, PhD MPH
2:15pm T-P-3277 Weight Reduction in Patients With Obesity Using the TransPyloric Shuttle®: ENDObesity® II Study
Authors: Richard Rothstein, MD; George Woodman, MD; James Swain, MD; Nestor de la cruz-Munoz, MD FACS; Vladimir Kushnir, MD; Aurora Pryor, MD; Wayne J English, MD; Elizabeth A Odstrcil, MD; Santiago Horgan, MD; Shelby Sullivan, MD
Presenter: Richard Rothstein, MD
2:30pm T-OR-LB-2077 Public Opinion on Proposed Policy Changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Authors: Rebecca L Franckle, ScD MPH; Michele Polacsek, PhD MHS; Anne N Thorndike, MD MPH; Sara N Bleich, PhD; Eric B Rimm, ScD
Presenter: Rebecca L Franckle, ScD MPH
2:45pm T-OR-LB-2078 The Effect of Philadelphia’s Beverage Tax on Beverage Prices and Sales at Large Chain Retailers
Authors: Christina A Roberto, PhD; Hannah Lawman, PhD; Michael T LeVasseur; Nandita Mitra; Ana Peterhans, MPH; Bradley Herring; Sara N Bleich, PhD
Presenter: Christina A Roberto, PhD