With adjustable gastric banding on the decline as compared to other bariatric surgeries, there are still places where this tool has a benefit. This session will highlight the use of the adjustable gastric band in current practice and best practices and identifying appropriate patients for banding in today’s environment will be discussed. Avoiding pitfalls and complications of the procedure and how it fares in today’s market will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review advances in the Gastric Band knowledge base over the past 5-7 years
  2. Identify the role of gastric banding in the setting of the maturation of sleeve gastrectomy and gastric balloon therapies
  3. Identify the ideal candidate for gastric banding in both primary and reoperative settings
  4. Recognize best practices for the large patient pool that currently exists

8:00am Welcome
Rachel Blind, NP-BC
8:05am Patient Selection: Who are the Best Candidates?
Jeff Allen, MD
8:25am Band Technical Considerations: Placement and Adjustment
Hans Schmidt, MD
8:45am Post-Band Management: Band Adjustment and Follow-Up
Christine Ren Fielding, MD
9:05am Band Reengagement: What Do You Do When its Not Working?
George Fielding, MD
9:25am Closing Question & Answer
9:45am Adjourn