Learning Objectives

  1. Participants with basic endoscopic skills will be taught more advanced techniques specific to the treatment of bariatric complications, including stricture, leak, and bleeding
  2. Participants will learn several devices and techniques that can be used for primary endoluminal bariatric procedures, revisional bariatric procedures, and to treat complications from previous procedures, such GERD
  3. Participants will gain an understanding of the equipment and devices necessary to treat bariatric complications endoscopically, including set-up troubleshooting

8:00am Wecome
Matthew Kroh, MD
8:01am Endoscopy in the pre- and intra-operative management of bariatric patients
Andrew Van Osdol, MD
8:15am Advances in Hemostasis Techniques
8:30am Stricture Therapies from Balloon dilation to needle-knife stricturoplasty
John Rodriguez, MD
8:45am Endoscopic Management of Sleeve Stenosis
Matthew Kroh, MD
9:00am Update on Leak Management: Stents, septotomy, VAC
Paul Severson, MD
9:15am Question & Answer
Matthew Kroh, MD; Andrew Van Osdol, MD; John Rodriguez, MD; Paul Severson, MD
9:30am Break
10:00am Welcome
Cory Richardson, MD
10:01am Novel Endoscopic Metabolic Therapies: Is Weight Loss Really the Primary Outcome?
Kevin Reavis, MD
10:15am Intragastric Balloon: Update on New Devices, Tips for Success
Marina Kurian, MD
10:30am Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty: Techniques and Data
Manoel G Galvao Neto, MD
10:45am Update on DMR, Liners, and Magnets
Natan Zundel, MD FASMBS
11:00am Post-surgical GERD: Options and Algorithms
Howard McCollister, MD
11:15am What's that in the lumen? Endoscopic Management of Eroded Gastric Bands
Dean Mikami, MD
11:30am Choledocholithiasis after Bariatric Surgery
Cory Richardson, MD
11:45am Question & Answer
Cory Richardson, MD; Kevin Reavis, MD; Marina Kurian, MD; Manoel G Galvao Neto, MD; Howard McCollister, MD; Dean Mikami, MD
12:00pm Adjourn