Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants with basic endoscopic skills will be taught more advanced techniques specific to the treatment of bariatric complications, including stricture, leak, and bleeding
  2. Participants will learn several devices and techniques that can be used for primary endoluminal bariatric procedures, revisional bariatric procedures, and to treat complications from previous procedures, such GERD
  3. Participants will gain an understanding of the equipment and devices necessary to treat bariatric complications endoscopically, including set-up troubleshooting

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Hemostasis: Injection, coagulation, through scope and over the scope clips
Stricture: Balloon dilation and needle knife stircturoplasty
Endosleeve gastroplasty/ulcer/perforation: Suturing (index & revisional/rescue)
Leak management: Tubular stents and pigtail drains
Leak management: Endovacuum treatment
Post bariatric procedure GERD: RFA
Intragastric balloon removal & troubleshooting
Eroded band removal