Learning Objectives:

  1. Characterize best practices for training MIS/Bariatric fellows
  2. Identify the challenges and changes in training fellows
  3. Determine the ideal forum for Fellowship Directors to communicate with one another

1:30pm How I Train a Fellow
Shanu Kothari, MD
1:37pm Discussion
1:45pm Coding & Billing for the Fellow: How I Do It
Paul Severson, MD
1:52pm Discussion
2:00pm EPA’s: What are They and How Will it Affect my Fellowship?
Cori McBride, MD
2:07pm Discussion
2:15pm The Value of MIS/Bariatric Fellowships….What Do the Fellows Say?
Brandon Grover, MD
2:22pm Discussion
2:30pm Brainstorming Session, Panel Discussions, Open Forum
3:00pm Adjourn