The 2018 Ethan Sims Young Investigator Award recognizes excellence in research by young investigators based on their submitted abstracts and presentation during ObesityWeek. Six finalists have been selected from the call for abstracts and are invited to present their oral abstracts. The recipient will be announced at the conclusion of the session and will receive an additional $1,000 cash prize.

The 2018 Nominees are:

Samantha Fortin, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Ki-Suk Kim, PhD, University of Michigan Health System

Soravis Ostaphan,MD, Joslin Diabetes Center

Alissa Smethers, MS, RD, Pennsylvania State University

Damaskini Valvi, MD, PhD, MPH, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Created in 2015, this award honors a mid-career or senior TOS member for distinguished mentorship of the Society’s members who were in their early careers at the time of the mentoring relationship. The award is named for Professor Thomas Wadden, PhD, of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, who for more than 30 years has mentored dozens of scientist-practitioners who have pursued successful careers in obesity research and clinical care. The award was created with a generous endowment from multiple contributors, comprised primarily of Dr. Wadden’s prior mentees. This year’s recipient is:

Rena Wing, PhD


The Mid-Career Scientific Achievement Award recognizes excellence in an established research career.This year’s recipient is:

Rebecca Puhl, PhD, FTOS

1:35pm T-ES-0001 The SGLT-2 Inhibitor Canagliflozin Requires FGF21 to Reduce Adiposity in Mice with Dietary Obesity
Authors: Soravis Osataphan, MD; Garima Singhal, PhD; Chiara Macchi, PhD; Vicencia Sales, PhD; Chisayo Kozuka, PhD; Jeremy Chimene-Weiss; Yanin Tangjaroenpaisan, Srinakharinwirot University; Jordan Morningstar; Robert Gerszten, MD; Eleftheria Maratos-Flier, MD; Mary Patti, MD
Presenter: Soravis Osataphan, MD
1:50pm T-ES-0002 Role of Intestinal and Pancreatic Preproglucagon on Dietary-Induced Obesity and Surgical Weight Loss
Authors: Ki-Suk Kim, PhD; Chelsea Hutch; Karen Roelofs, DVM; Randy Seeley, PhD; Darleen Sandoval, PhD
Presenter: Ki-Suk Kim, PhD
2:05pm T-ES-0003 GLP-1 Receptors in the NTS Mediate the Food Intake and Bodyweight-Suppressive Effects of Liraglutide
Authors: Samantha Fortin, PhD; Rachel Lipsky; Claudia Liberini, PhD; Tito Borner, PhD; Rinzin Lhamo, BS; Bart De Jonghe, PhD; Matthew R Hayes, PhD
Presenter: Samantha Fortin, PhD
2:20pm T-ES-0004 Can We Rely on Children to Self-regulate Intake in an Obesogenic Environment?
Authors: Alissa Smethers, MS RD; Kathleen Keller, PhD; Liane Roe, MPH RDN; Christine Sanchez, MPH DTR; Barbara Rolls, PhD
Presenter: Alissa Smethers, MS RD
2:35pm T-ES-0005 Novel "omics": Environmental Chemical Burden in Metabolic Tissues and Systemic Biological Response
Authors: Dania Valvi, MD PhD MPH; Douglas Walker; Thomas H Inge, MD PhD; Todd M Jenkins, PhD MPH; Michael Helmrath, MD; Dean Jones, PhD; Rob McConnell; Leda Chatzi, MD PhD MPH
Presenter: Dania Valvi, MD PhD MPH
2:50pm Thomas Wadden Mentoring Award Presentation: Mentor-Mentee: Which One Am I?
Rena R Wing, PhD
3:00pm Mid-Career Science Award Recipient Presentation: Using A Social Ecological Approach to Address Weight Stigma
Rebecca M Puhl, PhD
3:30pm Ethan Sims Award Recipient Announcement