Phthalates! Phenols! Perfluoroalkyl substances! These are only a few of the scary environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals that women are exposed to throughout their life. Exposure to these chemicals can contribute to early puberty, polycystic ovarian syndrome, maternal obesity, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and an accelerated decline in metabolic health after menopause. This symposium takes a closer look at these environmental pollutants and the impact they have on women’s health throughout the lifespan.

1:30pm Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Metabolic Outcomes in the First Three Decades of Life
Dania Valvi, MD PhD MPH
2:00pm Phthalates, Phenols and Obesity-related Pregnancy Outcomes
Tamarra James-Todd, PhD
2:30pm Persistent Organic Pollutants, Weight Change, and Diabetes Risk in Middle-aged Women
Qi Sun, MD ScD MMSc