TOS’s poster sessions run all the hours that the exhibit hall is open, but the only time you can meet and talk to the presenters about their research is during the lunchtime poster sessions. Please note that each poster is displayed for one day only, so check back daily for more cutting-edge research! Full abstracts will be available on the website, in printed abstract book and in the app once the embargo lifts on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 12:00 a.m. ET (midnight).

12:00pm T-P-3134 Weight Trajectories in the 1st Year of Life in a Diverse Population & Risk of Overweight at Age 2
Authors: Caryn E Oshiro, PhD RD; Timothy B Frankland, MA; A Gabriela Rosales, MS; Janne Boone-Heinonen, PhD; Teresa A Hillier, MD MS; Nancy A Perrin, PhD
Presenter: Caryn E Oshiro, PhD RD
12:00pm T-P-3135 Understanding and Predicting Childhood Obesity at Age 5 Using EHR Data Up to Age 2
Authors: Narges Razavian, PhD; Mary Jo Messito, MD; Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs, MD PhD; Melanie Jay, MD MS; Rob Hammond, MS; Rachel S Gross, MD MS; Michelle Katzow, MD; Courtney Abrams, MA; Christopher Bates, MM; Silvia Curado, PhD MSc; Brian Elbel, PhD MPH
Presenter: Brian Elbel, PhD MPH
12:00pm T-P-3136 Pregnancy Weight Trajectories and Cardiometabolic Outcomes in African American and Dominican Dyads
Authors: Elizabeth M Widen, PhD; Ciara Nugent; Michael J Daniels, ScD; Lori A Hoepner, DrPH; Judyth E Ramirez-Carvey, BS; Abeer Hassoun, MD; Frederica Perera, DrPH PhD; Andrew G Rundle, DrPH
Presenter: Elizabeth M Widen, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3137 Association of Prior GDM With Maternal Weight Change and Child Feeding Practices
Authors: Samantha L Martin, PhD; Paula C Chandler-Laney, PhD; Makenzie Callahan, MS RDN; Camille R Schneider, RDN
Presenter: Samantha L Martin, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3138 Does Gestational Diabetes Mediate Maternal Overweight/Obesity’s Effect on Childhood Obesity?
Authors: Samantha Ehrlich, PhD MPH; Monique Hedderson, PhD; Assiamira Ferrara, MD PhD
Presenter: Samantha Ehrlich, PhD MPH
12:00pm T-P-3139 Gestational Diabetes and Offspring’s Growth From Birth Through to 6 Years Old
Authors: Gang Hu, MD MPH PhD; Jing Wang; Lei Pan; Enqing Liu; Hongyan Liu; Jin Liu; Shuting Wang; Jia Guo; Nan Li; Cuilin Zhang
Presenter: Gang Hu, MD MPH PhD
12:00pm T-P-3140 Human Milk Oligosaccharides Affect Colon Structure and Bone Mineral Density in Sprague Dawley Rats
Authors: Fatima Chleilat, MSc; Teja Klancic, MSc; Jodi E Nettleton, BSc; Ashley C Choo, BSc; Raylene A Reimer, PhD RD
Presenter: Fatima Chleilat, MSc
12:00pm T-P-3141 The Association Between Breastfeeding and Insulin Resistance in Prepubertal Children.
Authors: Henry Nuss, PhD; Evrim Oral, PhD; Lauren Griffiths, MPH; Ashley A Duhon, BS; Jovanny Zabaleta, PhD; Richard Scribner, MD MPH; Lucio Miele, MD PhD; Melinda S Sothern, PhD CEP FTOS
Presenter: Henry Nuss, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3142 Maternal BMI Prior to Offspring Entering Puberty Is Linked to Insulin Resistance During Adolescence
Authors: Ashley A Duhon, BS; Melinda S Sothern, PhD CEP FTOS; Jovanny Zabaleta, PhD; Evrim Oral, PhD; Maura Kepper, PhD; Lauren Griffiths, MPH; Skizim Meg, MPH; Richard Scribner, MD MPH; Pratibha Shrestha, BPH; Skyllar Trusty; Kristin Cornwell, MPH; Olivia Affuso, PhD; Tung Sung Tseng, DrPH MS; Lucio Miele, MD PhD; Nuss Henry, PhD
Presenter: Melinda S Sothern, PhD CEP FTOS
12:00pm T-P-3143-DT One-year Postpartum Outcomes of LIFE-Moms Interventions That Reduced Excess Gestational Weight Gain
Authors: Suzanne Phelan, PhD; Rebecca Clifton; Debra Haire-Joshu, PhD; Leanne M Redman, PhD FTOS; Linda Van Horn, PhD; Mary Evans, PhD; Kaumudi J Joshipura, ScD; Kimberly Couch; Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD MPH
Presenter: Suzanne Phelan, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3144 Association of Maternal Adiposity and Fat Distribution With Breast Milk Insulin and Leptin
Authors: Camille R Schneider, RDN; Jessica S Bahorski, MSN RN; David A Fields, PhD; Barbara A Gower, PhD; Paula C Chandler-Laney, PhD
Presenter: Camille R Schneider, RDN
12:00pm T-P-3145-DT 12 Month Outcomes of a Partial Meal Replacement Program That Reduced Excess Gestational Weight Gain
Authors: Suzanne Phelan, PhD; Rena R Wing, PhD; Angelica McHugh; Todd Hagobian, PhD; Elissa Jelalian, PhD; Chantelle N Hart, PhD; Theresa O Scholl, PhD MPH; Karen Munoz-Christian, PhD; Elaine Yin, MD MPH FACOG; Maureen Phipps, MD MPH; Barbara Abrams, DrPH
Presenter: Suzanne Phelan, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3146-DT Racial Differences in Excessive Gestational Weight Gain, Maternal and Infant Outcomes
Authors: Susan X Lin, DrPH; Elizabeth M Widen, PhD; John C Thornton, PhD; Barak Rosenn, MD; Sonia Gidwani, MD; Charles Paley, MD; Tatiana Toro-Ramos, PhD; Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD MPH; Dympna Gallagher, EdD
Presenter: Susan X Lin, DrPH
12:00pm T-P-3147 Comparison of Prenatal Health Parameters & Nutrition Counseling Among Macrosomic Deliveries
Authors: Kiley B Vander Wyst, MPH; Guadalupe Quintana, MS; James Balducci, MD; Corrie M Whisner, PhD
Presenter: Kiley B Vander Wyst, MPH
12:00pm T-P-3148 Within-Person Cortisol Is Associated With Fetal Growth in Pregnant Women With Overweight/Obesity
Authors: Emily E Hohman, PhD; Katherine McNitt, RD; Abigail M Pauley, MS; Krista S Leonard, MS; Jaimey Pauli, MD; Alison Gernand, PhD; Daniel E Rivera, PhD; Joshua M Smyth, PhD; Danielle S Downs, PhD; Jennifer S Savage, PhD
Presenter: Emily E Hohman, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3149 Offspring of African-American Women Are Prone to Adiposity Despite Lower Gestational Weight Gain
Authors: Jasper Most, PhD; Abby Altazan, MS; Robbie A Beyl, PhD; Eric Ravussin, PhD; Leanne M Redman, PhD FTOS
Presenter: Jasper Most, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3150 Maternal BMI, Education and Macrosomia Are Predictors of Infant Excess Weight in Colombia ENSIN 2010
Authors: Fanny Aldana-Parra, RD PhD (c)
Presenter: Fanny Aldana-Parra, RD PhD (c)
12:00pm T-P-3152 Maternal Prebiotic Supplementation Prevents Antibiotic-Associated Obesity in Offspring in Rats
Authors: Teja Klancic, MSc; Ashley C Choo, BSc; Jodi E Nettleton, BSc; Nicole Cho, BKin; Alissa C Nicolucci, MSc; Fatima Chleilat, MSc; Raylene A Reimer, PhD RD
Presenter: Teja Klancic, MSc
12:00pm T-P-3153 Infant Negativity and Use of Food to Soothe Is Associated With Greater Screen Time in Toddlers
Authors: Elizabeth Adams, MS; Leann L Birch, PhD; Ian M Paul, MD MSc; Jennifer S Savage, PhD
Presenter: Elizabeth Adams, MS
12:00pm T-P-3154 Fast Food Intake and Weight Status Among 3-5 Year Olds
Authors: Jennifer A Emond, PhD; Meghan R Longacre, PhD; Jennifer E Carroll, MPH; Lauren P Cleveland, MS MPH; Madeline A Dalton, PhD
Presenter: Jennifer A Emond, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3155 Early Life Antibiotic Use and BMI-z at 10 years: PCORnet Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study
Authors: Sheryl L Rifas-Shiman, MPH; Charles Bailey, MD PhD; Doug Lunsford, MEd; Matthew Daley, MD; Ihuoma Eneli, MD; Jonathan Finkelstein, MD PhD; William J Heerman, MD MPH; Casie E Horgan, MPH; Daniel S Hsia, MD; Melanie Jay, MD MS; Goutham Rao, MD; Juliane S Reynolds, MPH; Jessica Sturtevant, ScM; Sengwee Toh, ScD; Leonardo Trasande, MD; Jessica Young, PhD; Christopher B Forrest, MD PhD; Jason P Block, MD
Presenter: Sheryl L Rifas-Shiman, MPH
12:00pm T-P-3156 Childhood Obesity in the NIH Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Initiative
Authors: Frances A Tylavsky; Assiamira Ferrara, MD PhD; Diane Catellier; Xiuhong Li; Dana Dabelea, MD PhD; Emily Oken, MD MPH; Andrew G Rundle, DrPH; Diane Gilbert-Diamond, SCD; Marie-France Hivert, MD MMSc; Andrew Law Hua; Carrie Breton, ScD; Andrea E Cassidy-Bushrow, PhD; Noel T Mueller, PhD; Kelly J Hunt, PhD; S. Sonia Arteaga, PhD; Tania B Lombo, PhD; Somdat Mahabir; Douglas Ruden, PhD; Katherine Sauder; Monique Hedderson, PhD; Yeyi Zhu, PhD; Sarah Polk, MD ScM MHS; Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD MPH; Miriam B Vos, MD MSPH; Lee Pyles; Mary C Roary, PhD; Makhethe Mpoti; Judy Aschner; Leonardo Trasande, MD
Presenter: Diane Gilbert-Diamond, SCD
12:00pm T-P-3157 Maternal Antibiotic Use During Pregnancy and Childhood Obesity at Age Five Years
Authors: William J Heerman, MD MPH; Matthew Daley, MD; Janne Boone-Heinonen, PhD; Sheryl L Rifas-Shiman, MPH; Charles Bailey, MD PhD; Christopher B Forrest, MD PhD; Jessica Young, PhD; Matthew Gillman, MD; Casie E Horgan, MPH; David M Janicke, PhD ABPP; Chelsea Jenter, MPH; Elyse O Kharbanda, MD MPH; Doug Lunsford, MEd; Mary Jo Messito, MD; Sengwee Toh, ScD; Jason P Block, MD
Presenter: William J Heerman, MD MPH
12:00pm T-P-3158 Perceived Barriers to Physical Activity Are Inversely Associated With Premature Infants' Weight
Authors: Candice Taylor Lucas, MD MPH; Dan M Cooper, MD; Kimberley Lakes, PhD; Annamarie Stehli, MPH; Fadia Haddad; Shlomit Radom-Aizik, PhD
Presenter: Candice Taylor Lucas, MD MPH