Recent findings highlighted in the lay press have suggested that differences in energy expenditure play little role in modifying energy balance and obesity, but how do you separate the myths from the facts? Is there a threshold for energy expenditure that leads to obesity and conversely, can you increase energy expenditure enough to effectively treat obesity? A primary issue in this area is how to measure energy expenditure in free living individuals. Doubly labeled water is the gold standard method for measuring energy expenditure. Application of the validated technique by major laboratories around the world has created a rich, one-of-a-kind database of human energy expenditure measures. Come learn how these datasets can be used to answer questions related to the development and treatment of obesity. The session will describe the methodology of doubly labeled water measured energy expenditure, primary outcomes from leading studies in the field, and how this technique can inform further studies that will aid us to combat the obesity epidemic.

11:00am Accurate Measure vs. Expert Opinion—Can Doubly Labeled Water Reveal Truths About Energy Expenditure and Obesity?
Dale A Schoeller, PhD FTOS