Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss options of management of GERD and Barrett’s before and after Bariatric Surgery
  2. Contraindication to surgery due to Barrett’s / GERD debate
  3. Epidemiology of Barrett’s in bariatric surgery
  4. Endoscopic/pH studies pre/post operatively

Overview and Speakers Coming Soon!

1:30pm Welcome
1:35pm Barrett's esophagus: What is it? Is it really a treat??
1:50pm Non surgical management of Barrett's always solve the problem?
2:05pm GERD: A problem to perform LSG or just a hype?
2:20pm Are endoscopy and/or pH studies needed every sleeve patient?
2:35pm Is the incidence of "de novo" reflux and Barrett's after sleeve just fake news?
2:50pm Panel Q&A
3:10pm Break
3:30pm Is Barrett's a contraindication for sleeve? (Absolute vs. Relative)
3:50pm Is GERD a NO INDICATION for LSG? (Never, Sometimes)
4:10pm Management of GERD after LSG, is it a big deal?
4:25pm Management of Barrett's after LSG is similar at the conventional one. Myth or fact?
4:40pm Q&A
5:00pm Adjourn