9:30am A480 Long-term outcomes of bariatric surgery in adolescents with morbid obesity with a follow-up of at least 5 years: a systematic review
Authors: Patricia Ruiz Cota; Arturo Jimene-Cruz, MD PhD
Presenter: Patricia Ruiz Cota
9:30am A280 Obesity in veterans with spinal cord injury and variation in rates of mandated annual bmi screening
Authors: Dan Eisenberg, MD; Shalini Gupta, MS; Thomas R Bowe, PhD; Alexander HS Harris, PhD MS
9:30am A455 Outreach to laparoscopic adjustable gastric band patients: a quality improvement project
Authors: Catherine Cline, MSN FNP-C; Sara J Tortorici, RN ACNP-BC CBN; Pamela J O'Brien, RN MSN NP-C; Thomas Schnelldorfer, MD PhD; Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD FASMBS; David M Brams, MD
Presenter: Catherine Cline, MSN FNP-C
9:30am A277 Intra-gastric balloon surgery as a safe, effective, and less invasive method of weight loss surgery
Authors: Derman Ozdemir, CCP; Robert Dabek, MD
Presenter: Derman Ozdemir, CCP
9:30am A305 Alcohol after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: high blood ethanol level or fast metabolism?
Authors: Angelo AI Iossa, MD; Maria Chiara Ciccioriccio, MD; Anna Guida, MD; Gianfranco Silecchia, MD PhD
Presenter: Gianfranco Silecchia, MD PhD
9:30am A431 Confusion and misunderstanding the mini-gastric bypass leading to complications and death in surgeons with limited experience with the procedure: the need for standardization, education and recognition
Authors: Robert Rutledge, MD
9:30am A476 Effects of roux-en-y gastric bypass and very low calorie diet on the thermic effect of feeding
Authors: Jamie A Mullally, MD; Gerardo Febres, MD; Marc Bessler, MD; Judith Korner, MD PhD
Presenter: Jamie A Mullally, MD
9:30am A334 Does coexistence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and type-2 diabetes impact weight loss or remission of type 2 diabetes after gastric bypass?
Authors: Jad Khoraki, MD; Guilherme Mazzini, MD PhD; Matthew G Browning, PhD; Martin J Mangino, PhD; Dayanjan S Wijesinghe, PhD; Gretchen Aquilina, DO; Jennifer Salluzzo, MD; Guilherme M Campos, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Jad Khoraki, MD
9:30am A477 A case report: torsion of falciform ligament as a cause of abdominal pain post roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Adil Khan, MD; Laura Doyon, MD; David M Brams, MD
Presenter: Adil Khan, MD
9:30am A359 Abdominal pain before and after roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Monica Chahal-Kummen, MD; Ingvild Blom-Høgestøl, MD; Inger E Eribe, RN; Jon Kristinsson, MD PhD; Tom Mala, MD PhD
Presenter: Monica Chahal-Kummen, MD
9:30am A382 Bariatric surgery in the rural community hospital: a retrospective review from a single institution
Authors: Jon B Harrison, MD; Wade Christopher, MD; Terry Pinson, MD
Presenter: Jon B Harrison, MD
9:30am A294 Psychometric measures associated with clinical outcomes after bariatric surgery
Authors: Anahita Jalilvand, MD; Jane Dewire, MS; Andrew Detty, BA; Bradley Needleman, MD; Sabrena F Noria, MD PhD FRCSC FAC
Presenter: Anahita Jalilvand, MD
9:30am A438 Clinical outcomes of single stage conversion of gastric banding to sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass: a meta-analysis of the literature
Authors: Caitlin V Mueller, MSIII; Jeremy Jose, MSIII; Fetausha McCoy, OMSIV; Aliu Sanni, MD
9:30am A479 Conversion of a sadi-s procedure to a roux-en-y gastric bypass indications, technical details and review of the literature
Authors: Alvaro F Galvez, MD; Daniel A Galvez, MD; Alexander Onopchenko, MD
Presenter: Alvaro F Galvez, MD
9:30am A520 Postoperative care of bariatric medical tourism: a public health concern
Authors: Larae Seemann, BS; Jaine L Mckenzie, MD; Karen R Draper, MD; Lisa R Hilton, MD
Presenter: Lisa R Hilton, MD
9:30am A443 Community hospital decreases narcotic usage in postoperative bariatric patients
Authors: Robert F Felte, III, MD; Caitlin A Halbert, DO MS FACS FASMBS; Dakota M Urban, MD
Presenter: Robert F Felte, III, MD
9:30am A451 Decreasing narcotic prescribing and availability in a post-operative bariatric program
Authors: Ginny Andreasik, RN BSN CBN; Karen Wheeler, MSN RN FNP-BC; Andrea E David, MS RD LDN
Presenter: Ginny Andreasik, RN BSN CBN
9:30am A297 A step in the right direction: trends over time in bariatric procedures for patients with gerd
Authors: Zaina Naeem, BA; Jie Yang, PhD; Jihye Park, MS; Andrew Bates, MD; Salvatore Docimo, DO MS; Aurora Pryor, MD; Konstantinos Spaniolas
Presenter: Zaina Naeem, BA
9:30am A464 The usability of temperature-controlled delivery of ablative techniques in managing fecal incontinence review of literature and meta-analysis
Authors: Luis Valdes; Maxwell Bempah; Bo Soyele; Assia Miller, MD; Angelina Postoev; Kola Ibikunle; Christopher Ibikunle, MD
Presenter: Kenneth Holton, MS4
9:30am A403 The outcomes of bariatric patients with gut malrotation
Authors: Zubaidah Nor Hanipah, MD; Raul Rosenthal, MD; Stacy Brethauer, MD; Philip R Schauer, MD
Presenter: Zubaidah Nor Hanipah, MD
9:30am A494 Abdominoplasty as integrated approach after massive weight loss performed by general surgeons
Authors: Christof C Ihle, MD
Presenter: Christof C Ihle, MD
9:30am A433 Meta-analysis of suicide and self-harm following bariatric surgery
Authors: Dawn C Roberts, PhD; Nicole Pearl, BS
Presenter: Dawn C Roberts, PhD
9:30am A394 Bile acids increased after rygb in chinese patients could be potential contribution to improved glucose and lipid metabolism
Authors: Pin Zhang, MD PhD
9:30am A442 Concomitant bariatric surgery and ventral hernia repair
Authors: Steven P Schulberg, DO; Vadim Meytes, DO; George S Ferzli, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Mohammed Nimer
9:30am A462 The role of the nlrp3 inflammasome and caspase-1/11 in lipid inflammatory metabolism and gut microbiota profile of obese animals high fat diet-induced
Authors: Livia P Sant'Ana, PhD; Luís Henrique H Corrêa, MSc; Corinne F Maurice, PhD; Kelly G Magalhães, PHD
9:30am A512 Bariatric surgery causes genetic cardiovascular remodeling and improvement in heart rate variability in women with grade III obesity
Authors: Marcela M Pinhel, PhD; Carolina F Nicoletti, PhD; Natalia Y Noronha; Bruno AP Oliveira, MD; Cristiana Cortes de Oliveira, MD; Wilson Salgado Junior, PhD MD; Julio S Marchini, MD PhD; Doroteia RS Souza, PhD; Carla B Nonino, RD
9:30am A501 Impact of preemptive acetaminophen administration on postoperative opioid use and complications in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Marjan Sadegh, PharmD
Presenter: Marjan Sadegh, PharmD
9:30am A398 Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy improves cardiac function for a heart failure patient requiring left ventricular assist device support
Authors: Russell B Hawkins, MD; Julie Stortz, MD; Alexander Ayzengart, MD MPH; Jeffrey Friedman, MD
Presenter: Jeffrey Friedman, MD
9:30am A311 Risk factors of intraoperative difficulties during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Tomasz Stefura; Magdalena Pisarska, MD; Michal Wysocki, MD; Michal Pedziwiatr, MD PhD; Piotr Malczak, MD; Marcin Dembinski, MD; Jakub Dros; Artur Kacprzyk; Katarzyna Chlopas; Andrzej Budzynski, MD PhD; Piotr Major, MD PhD
9:30am A288 The effect of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on gastroesophageal reflux disease
Authors: Christina Poa, MD; Collin Creange, MD; Matthew J Pergamo, MD; Christine J Ren-Fielding, MD; George Fielding, MD; Bradley F Schwack, MD
Presenter: Christina Poa, MD