3:00pm A493 Metabolic set point in obesity: can this explain weight fluctuations after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy?
Authors: Nicole Boone, PA-C; Melissa Santos, PhD; Meghna Misra, MD MS; Jessica Zimmerman, MD; Priya Phulwani, MD; Christine M Finck, MD
Presenter: Melissa Santos, PhD
3:00pm A101 Does the rygb common limb length influence hypertension remission, weight loss and cardio-metabolic parameters? Data from the gateway trial
Authors: Carlos A Schiavon, MD; Dimas Ikeoka, MD PhD; Renato N Santos; Eliana V Santucci, RT; Tamiris A Miranda, Pharm; Lucas P Damiani, MSc; Juliana D Oliveira, Nut; Camila R Torreglosa, MD; Priscila T Bueno, Psy; Angela C Bersch-Ferreira, PhD; Patrcia M Noujaim, MD; Ricardo V Cohen, MD; Helio Halpern, MD; Frederico LJ Monteiro, MD MSc; Marcio G Sousa, MD PhD; Celso Amodeo, MD; Luiz A Bortolotto, MD PhD; Otávio Berwanger, MD; Alexandre B Cavalcanti, MD PhD; Luciano F Drager, MD
Presenter: Hsien-Hao Huang, MD
3:00pm A272 Conversion to diabetes 5 years post bariatric surgery in individuals with obesity and pre-diabetes
Authors: Rachel Golan, PhD MPH RD; Doron S Comaneshter; Shlomo Vinker, MD; Dror Dicker, MD
Presenter: Dror Dicker, MD
3:00pm A278 Expanding the reach of intragastric balloons: first multicenter results of elipse balloon in non-core user groups
Authors: Roberta Ienca, MD; Michele Rosa, MD; Corrado Selvaggio; Carmen Zafra; Galen Shi; Carmen Alfaro; Mante Aldaguer; Jose Maria Alvarez
Presenter: Roberta Ienca, MD
3:00pm A283 Effect of bariatric surgery on exocrine pancreatic function
Authors: Mahir M Ozmen, MD MS FACS FRCS FEBS FASMBS; Emre Gundogdu, MD; Emir C Güldogan, MD; Fusun Ozmen, MD MSci PhD
Presenter: Mahir M Ozmen, MD MS FACS FRCS FEBS FASMBS
3:00pm A371 Minimally invasive conversion of sleeve gastrectomy to roux-en-y gastric bypass for intractable gastroesophageal reflux disease: short term outcome
Authors: Daniel Davis, MD FACS FASMBS; Lauren Kastner, MD; Steven Leeds, MD
3:00pm A456 Variation by age in baseline clinical characteristics and post-operative outcomes after laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass (lrygb)
Authors: Christopher Bashian, DO; Gus J Slotman, MD; Malinda Lyon, DO
Presenter: Christopher Bashian, DO
3:00pm A355 Comparison of a novel plication technique to suturing for endoscopic outlet reduction for the treatment of weight regain after roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD; Christopher C Thompson, MD MSc FACG FASGE AGAF
Presenter: Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD
3:00pm A292 The effects of aprepitant on postoperative nausea and vomiting with bariatric surgery
Authors: Ciara Lopez, RN; Dennis C Smith, MD FACS FASMBS; Sharon A Krzyzanowski, RN CBN; Keith Kim, MD; Cynthia K Buffington, PhD
Presenter: Ciara Lopez, RN
3:00pm A449 Techniques for ercp access in the post roux-en-y gastric bypass patient: a novel approach and review of the literature
Authors: Ryan P Robalino, DO; Vadim Meytes, DO; George S Ferzli, MD FASMBS
3:00pm A402 Toned down: a case study demonstrating the effect of successful weight loss surgery on the professional voice
Authors: Timothy J Schaffner, MD; Noah Parker, MD; Don J Selzer, MD FASMBS
3:00pm A503 Conversion of one-anastomosis gastric bypass to roux-en-y gastric bypass : a retrospective, two-center analysis
Authors: Joshua P Landreneau, MD; Andrew T Strong, MD; John Rodriguez, MD; Ricard Corcelles, MD; Matthew Kroh, MD
3:00pm A393 Weight loss, complications, readmissions, and complications in patients undergoing sleeve-to-bypass conversion
Authors: Jaime Dutton, MD; Luis Garcia, MS; John M Morton, MD MPH FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Areli Valencia
3:00pm A321 Enhanced recovery after bariatric surgery (erabs): high volume single site protocol
Authors: Ragui M Sadek, MD FACS; Lora Melman, MD; Andrew M Wassef, BA BS
Presenter: Ragui M Sadek, MD FACS
3:00pm A430 “Right size prescribing” through statistical analysis & bariatric surgical patients’ e-feedback to prevent prescription opioid misuse and related overdose deaths
Authors: Shelly Brimhall, MSN RN; R. Richard Rasmussen, MD; Sathya Vijayakumar, MS MBA
3:00pm A386 When does the honeymoon end? changes in psychological well-being based on time since bariatric surgery
Authors: Lyndsey Wallace, PsyD; Melissa C Helm, MS RN; Rana Higgins, MD FASMBS; Tammy L Kindel, MD PhD; Jon C Gould, MD FASMBS; Kathleen Lak, MD
Presenter: Lyndsey Wallace, PsyD
3:00pm A324 Is there a correlation between length of preoperative diet and weight loss after bariatric surgery?
Authors: Mauricio F Sarmiento-Cobos, MD; David Gutierrez Blanco, MD; David Romero Funes, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD PhD FASMBS; Rama Ganga, MD; Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS; Raul Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: Mauricio F Sarmiento-Cobos, MD
Discussant: David Gutierrez Blanco, MD
3:00pm A300 The incidence of undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnoea (osa) within an australian bariatric population
Authors: Sabin J Warner-Smith, MBBS M Surg
Presenter: Sabin J Warner-Smith, MBBS M Surg
3:00pm A471 Medical therapy in weight regain and suboptimal weight loss following metabolic surgery
Authors: Michael S Alexander, MS MS4; Joseph Chebli, MD FACS; Robert Dubin, MD
3:00pm A418 The integration of medical, psychological, and quality of life measures in the prediction and maintenance of excess weight loss after bariatric surgery
Authors: Vincent A Escandell, PhD; James N Parrish, MD; Richard L Elder, PhD
Presenter: Vincent A Escandell, PhD
3:00pm A498 Body composition as an important ancillary measure in adolescent/young adult bariatrics
Authors: Megan Ratcliff, PhD MPH; April Alexander, MS; Debra A Proulx, RN CBN; Tasha Temple
Presenter: Megan Ratcliff, PhD MPH
3:00pm A344 Functional and elictrical cardiac changes after bariatric surgery
Authors: Ali Almontashery, MD
Presenter: Ali Almontashery, MD
3:00pm A330 Effect of bariatric surgery on cardiovascular risk factors: single institution retrospective study
Authors: Ali Almontashery, MD
Presenter: Ali Almontashery, MD
3:00pm A347 Pilot testing a mindfulness-based weight loss maintenance intervention to enhance outcomes after bariatric surgery
Authors: Janet Ng, PhD; Andrea Stone, BS; Pavlos K Papasavas, MD FASMBS; Darren Tishler, MD FASMBS; Godfrey Pearlson, MD; Ilene Staff, PhD; Tara McLaughlin, PhD; Jennifer Ferrand, PsyD ABPP; Sally N Strange, PhD RN CBN
3:00pm A482 Incidental well-differentiated papillary mesothelioma discovered in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Shinban Liu, DO; Vadim Meytes, DO; George S Ferzli, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Shinban Liu, DO
3:00pm A291 Comparison between endoscopic and laparoscopic evaluation of hiatus hernia in patients undergoing weight loss surgery
Authors: Sabin J Warner-Smith, MBBS M Surg
Presenter: Sabin J Warner-Smith, MBBS M Surg
3:00pm A470 Females with obesity are not all the same: variation of pre-operative clinical characteristics by health insurance in sleeve gastrectomy women
Authors: Jessica Tyrrell, DO; Gus J Slotman, MD