3:00pm A333 Resting energy expenditure and metabolic adaptation in adolescents at 6 and 12 months following bariatric surgery
Authors: Lisa Chu, PhD; Alissa Steinberg, RD; Carley O'Kane, MSc RD; Alene Toulany, MD FRCPC; Jill Hamilton, MD
Presenter: Lisa Chu, PhD
3:00pm A275 Totally intravenous anesthesia (tiva) in the mini-gastric bypass patients: experience in 3,743 patients treated over nine years
Authors: Robert Rutledge, MD; KS Kular
3:00pm A327 The impact of endoscopic bariatric therapies on diabetes and weight loss outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis comparing small bowel and gastric devices
Authors: Violeta Popov, MD PhD; Benjamin Noor, MD; Amy Ou, MD; Christopher C Thompson, MD MSc FACG FASGE AGAF
Presenter: Benjamin Noor, MD
3:00pm A519 Single anastomosis duodenal switch: effects on weight loss and reduction of weight related comorbidities
Authors: Rex Farrer, DO; Matthew Fourman, MD; Gregory Johnston, DO; Brenda S Bal, BSN RN CBN
Presenter: Rex Farrer, DO
3:00pm A432 Understanding the important details of the surgical technique of the mini-gastric bypass
Authors: Robert Rutledge, MD; KS Kular
3:00pm A491 “Two birds, one stone” : itp managed at the time of bariatric surgery
Authors: Varun Jain, MD; James Madura, II, MD
Presenter: Varun Jain, MD
3:00pm A426 Endoscopic trans-luminal abscess drainage following sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Alejandra Munoz, BS; Martin Thomas, MD FACS; David Scheeres, MD FACS; Stephen Thorp, MD
Presenter: Alejandra Munoz, BS
3:00pm A279 Efficacy of intragastric ballons: a comparison of gas-filled versus saline-filled balloons
Authors: Josiah P Billing, BS; Peter S Billing, MD; Kurtis Stewart, MD; Pui Lam Adriana Ho, MS RDN CD CEP; Eric Harris, MD; Jedediah A Kaufman, MD
Presenter: Peter S Billing, MD
3:00pm A410 Common channel lengthening is the best way to treat chronic diarrhea and hypoprotenemia following single anastamosis duodenal-ileal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Benjamin H Horsley, E.M.T.; Laurent Biertho, MD; Austin Cottam, BS; Amit K Surve, MD; Hinali M Zaveri, MD; Walter Medlin, MD; Samuel Cottam, CNA
Presenter: Daniel Cottam, MD
3:00pm A335 Identification of bacterial and fungal pathogens in patients with post laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy leakage
Authors: Saad Althuwaini, MD
3:00pm A295 Early postoperative visit intervention to reduce ed visits after bariatric surgery
Authors: Wendy M Miller, MD; Kerstyn C Zalesin, MD; Wendy K Montgomery, RN; Kathryn Ziegler, MD
Presenter: Kathryn Ziegler, MD
3:00pm A296 Incidence and management of gastric stenosis after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: a single institution experience
Authors: Maria C Fonseca Mora, MD; Cristian Milla Matute, MD; David Gutierrez Blanco, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD PhD FASMBS; Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS; Raul Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: Maria C Fonseca Mora, MD
Discussants: David Gutierrez Blanco, MD; Cristian Milla Matute, MD
3:00pm A508 Modified duodenal switch, a surgical option for weight regain following roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Carlos A Madalosso, MD; Alexandre Tognon, MD PhD; Fabio R Barão, Master; Kalil Fontana, MD; Iran Moraes , Jr, MD; Daniel Navarini, MD
Presenter: Carlos A Madalosso, MD
3:00pm A377 Conversion to laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy after failed adjustable gastric banding for morbid obesity
Authors: Charmaine V Gentles, ANP-BC RNFA; Parth Patel, MD; Sarah Markham, MD; Larry E Gellman, MD FASMBS; Dominick Gadaleta, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Charmaine V Gentles, ANP-BC RNFA
3:00pm A481 Comparison of laparoscopic to robotic bariatric surgery in community hospital program
Authors: Katie S Novitski, MD MPH; Robert Flores, MD; Andrew M Dewitt, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Katie S Novitski, MD MPH
3:00pm A320 Decreasing program cycle time: a lean approach
Authors: Kimberly Wilkes, MBA BSN RN CMSRN; William A Hilgendorf, PhD HSPP; Myesha Morrissette-Johnson, MA
Presenter: Kimberly Wilkes, MBA BSN RN CMSRN
3:00pm A298 Personalized medicine for outcomes and expectations following bariatric surgery: using bioelectric impedance technology to build prediction models in the bariatric patient population
Authors: Erika D La Vella, DO; Kirsti Troyer, RD; Olivia Pipitone, MPH; Don Yarbrough, MD
Presenter: Erika D La Vella, DO
3:00pm A339 Prevalence of Preoperative Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Bariatric Surgery Patients
Authors: Katherine S Blevins, MD PhD; Dan E Azagury, MD; Dimitri A Augustin, MD; John M Morton, MD MPH FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Katherine S Blevins, MD PhD
3:00pm A424 Qualitative assessment of technology use and development of a smartphone app for bariatric surgery patients
Authors: Colleen Tewksbury, MPH RD LDN; Megan Mulgrew, MSN; Samantha Warner-Grimsley, RN BSN CBN; Jacqueline Countess, CRNP; Kristoffel R. Dumon, MD; Noel N Williams, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Colleen Tewksbury, MPH RD LDN
3:00pm A467 Bariatric surgery patients can be routinely discharged without dispensing narcotics
Authors: Timothy R Heider, MD; Yvonne Kelly, RN
3:00pm A496 Impact of weight loss on the body composition of patients 1 year after gastric bypas
Authors: Glauco Da Costa Balvarez GA Alvarez, PhD; Deise Silva DS De Moura; Luciana Dapieve LD Patias; Cristina Machado Braganca CB De Moraes; Nathaly Marin NM Hernandez; Raquel Pippi RP Antoniazzi; Luisa Comerlato LC Comerlato; Ana Cristina A Machado, PhD
3:00pm A497 Length of stay reduction in primary roux en y and sleeve gastrectomy procedures by clovis community medical center (ccmc) presented by susan ghera, rn bsn phn & ashley pinheiro msn, rn, cns, accns-ag
Authors: Susan Ghera, RN BSN PHN; Ashley Pinheiro, MSN RN CNS ACCNS-AG
Presenter: Susan Ghera, RN BSN PHN
3:00pm A284 Perioperative transversus abdominis plane (tap) block for bariatric surgery to reduce the use of opioid analgesics
Authors: Rena Moon, MD; Linda Lastrapes, RN; Andre Teixeira, MD; Muhammad A Jawad, MD
Presenter: Rena Moon, MD
3:00pm A407 Pre-operative serum microrna profiles associated with weight loss following bariatric surgery
Authors: Laura Doyon, MD; Travis Sullivan, MS; Sanjna Das; Jingjing L Sherman, MD; Thomas Schnelldorfer, MD PhD; David M Brams, MD; Kimberly Rieger-Christ, PhD; Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Laura Doyon, MD
3:00pm A331 Does systemic inflammation inhibit weight loss and diabetes remission following bariatric surgery?
Authors: John M Morton, MD MPH FACS FASMBS; Dan E Azagury, MD; Luis Garcia, MS; Homero Rivas, MD MBA FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Areli Valencia
3:00pm A515 Changes in gene expression modify the resting metabolic rate in women after bariatric surgery
Authors: Bruno AP Oliveira, MD; Marcela M Pinhel, PhD; Natalia Y Noronha; Carolina F Nicoletti, PhD; Cristiana Cortes de Oliveira, MD; Wilson Salgado Junior, PhD MD; Carla B Nonino, RD
Presenter: Bruno AP Oliveira, MD
3:00pm A346 Reversing fate: nlr and the role of bariatric surgery to prevent morbidity
Authors: Sarah Pearlstein, Resident; Ali Shayesteh, MD; Deborah Allis, PA; Mitchell S Roslin, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Sarah Pearlstein, Resident
3:00pm A510 Combined surgery: abdominoplasty and abdominal surgery laparoscopic in one surgical time after sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Renato Roriz-Silva, MSc MD; Ramon Vilallonga, MD PhD; Sergio Sánchez-Cordero, MD; Bernard Cambier, MD PhD
3:00pm A511 Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for the treatment of patients with massive hernias with loss of domain
Authors: Renato Roriz-Silva, MSc MD; Ramon Vilallonga, MD PhD; Sergio Sánchez-Cordero, MD