Efforts to study neuropeptides that regulate body weight and metabolism have concentrated on two molecules produced by the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus (POMC and AgRP). There is a growing appreciation that neuropeptides released from other hypothalamic nuclei also modulate energy balance. Speakers in this symposium will present recent research into oxytocin, orexin, neurotensin, melanin-concentrating hormone and discuss their potential as therapeutic targets for obesity.

3:45pm Oxytocin and Orexin Signaling in the Regulation of Human Energy Balance
Manfred Hallschmid, PhD
4:15pm Melanin-Concentrating Hormone and Food Intake Regulation: Neural Signaling vs. CSF Volume Transmission
Emily E Noble, PhD
4:45pm LHA Neurotensin Neurons Orchestrate Behaviors to Support Weight Loss
Gina M Leinninger, PhD