Amanda J Page, PhD
  • Beacon Senior Research Fellow
  • Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide
  • Adelaide AUS


Prof Amanda page has established herself as a leading authority on vagal innervation of the gut, and how this relates to major disease states including obesity and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. This has involved pioneering studies on the phenotypic specialisation of vagal sensory endings and a classification of gastrointestinal sensory nerves that has been adopted world-wide. One of her major findings, that GABAB receptor agonists inhibit peripheral gastro-oesophageal vagal afferent endings, prompted 2 full scale drug development programs and the production of 5 patents. Investigation of the effects of different nutritional states (e.g food restriction and excess) on these afferents has resulted in major contributions in the understanding of gastric satiety signalling.