Padma Maruvada, PhD
  • Program Director
  • Bethesda, MD USA


As the director of Nutrient Metabolism program, I manage a grants portfolio that investigates the role of nutrients on various biological processes at the whole body, tissue and cellular level, and how various nutrient transporters and their function impact nutrient absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. I serve as the director of the Clinical Obesity and Nutrition program that supports clinical studies focused on the impact of nutrients and dietary components, on nutritional deficiency conditions and nutritional status, and research projects that explore parenteral and enteral nutritional needs of the critical care patients, and individuals with gastrointestinal diseases. This program also supports obesity related grants that investigate how the dietary interventions such as reduced food intake, altered in diet composition and dietary patterns impact appetite regulation, satiety and related hormonal excursion, gastric peptides, energy expenditure, energy balance, body weight and obesity. In addition, this program supports grants that study the impact of physical activity, and bariatric surgical approaches on weight gain, adiposity, and obesity.