Thomas W Gettys, PhD
  • Professor of Nutrient Sensing and Adipocyte Signaling
  • Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • Baton Rouge, LA USA


Dr. Gettys, a nutritional biochemist and physiologist by training, has a broad interest in understanding how organisms respond to changes in dietary composition in real time and engage homeostatic responses. Although it has long been axiomatic that dietary composition has a deterministic role in overall health, Dr. Gettys’ studies have begun to identify the signaling systems that sense the amino acid composition of the protein in our diet. His work has established that essential amino acids are the components of dietary protein that are being sensed, and that limiting the content of specific essential amino acids produces a highly beneficial series of physiological responses. The goal of Dr. Gettys’ work is to translate this knowledge of essential amino acid nutrition into therapeutic diets that limit weight gain, maintain insulin sensitivity, and prevent the development of metabolic disease.