Uncoupling proteins play an important role in mitochondrial inducible proton leak. They are the potential target for treating obesity and its related disease such as Type II Diabetes Mellitus. In this study we aim to know the effect of sleeve gastrectomy on various uncoupling protein such as UCP 1, UCP 2 and UCP 3 in brown adipose tissue (BAT) as well as other tissues such as White adipose tissue (WAT), Liver and Muscle by western blotiing, Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and mRNA Expression.


Sprage Dowley male rats (4 weeks old) were divided in two groups: Control and Diet Induced Obesity (DIO). The control group (n=9) were fed ad libitum regular rat chow and water. The DIO group (n=14) were fed ad libitum “Cafeteria Diet”. DIO group were subdivided into 2 sub-groups at 21 weeks i.e SHAM(n=9) and sleeve gastrectomy(SG)(n=5). Animals were fasted 12-15 hours prior to surgery. Animals were sacrificed at 30 days post-surgery for collection of various tissues.


By Western Blotting Upregulation of UCP 1 in BAT was observed in SG animals as compared to control and Sham animals, Significant difference seen between SG and control animals (P<0.05). No Significant difference was observed in UCP 2 and UCP 3 in BAT of control, sham and SG animals. IHC observation showed the same trend of expression of UCP 1 as in western blotting.


We anticipate bariatric surgery upregulates the uncoupling proteins. This anticipation needs further investigation of the UCPs in various tissue to confirm our findings.