Bariatric surgery can significantly reduce various complications associated with morbid obesity. However, due to an increased appetite after 6 months of surgery, some patients may experience insufficient post-operative weight loss. This study aims to confirm the safety and the extent of weight change in patients taking the Contrave SR medication, which can be used as postoperative adjuvant therapy for patients with morbid obesity.


The subjects of this study were 22 patients who received bariatric surgery more than 6 months ago for being severely obese with a BMI over 27. For a total of 12 weeks, these patients were provided with Contrave SR(8mg naltrexone/90mg bupropion).


Of the 22 patients, 18 were female and 4 were male. The mean age of the patients was 33.3 (22-49) years old. Before the bariatric surgery, the mean weight was 113.1±17.9 kg, and the mean BMI was 40.9± 4.3. The mean postop period until-medication was administered was 19.7±13.3 months. The overall weight loss percentage after 12 weeks of medication was 4.8±3.6% (p<0.001). The pre-medication systolic/diastolic BP was 120.7±13.2/75.6±9.1 mmHg, while the 12-weeks post-medication systolic/diastolic BP was 118.8±9.1/73.7±8.3 mmHg (p=ns). The mean waist circumference decreased from 95.2±10.7 cm to 90.7±11.6 cm (p=ns). The pre/post level of fasting glucose was 95.5±15.1/89.6±13 0(mg/dL)(p=0.219). The pre-medication level of total cholesterol/TG/HDL/LDL was 193.7±31.7/92.5±39.8/59.6±15.4/114.2±30.8(mg/dL), while the 12-weeks post-medication level was 186.2±28.4/80.6±33.8/58.6±12.4/111.4±30.8(mg/dL) (p=0.461,p=0.337,p=0.827,p=0.779). The adverse drug reactions included dizziness, headaches, depression/anxiety, daytime sleepiness, hand tremors, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, and insomnia, all of which were mild. These symptoms improved over time.


Administration of Contrave SR for 12 weeks after bariatric surgery showed a consequent average weight loss of 4.7%. Any adverse drug reactions were mild.