Differentiate between weight regain/obesity disease relapse and anatomic complications. Stress importance of multidisciplinary team approach in evaluating and managing these complex patients

1:30pm Introduction
1:35pm Evaluation of patient presenting with weight regain or failure to lose - distinguishing patient behavior and surgical anatomy
1:55pm Nutritional considerations for revisional surgery
2:15pm Psychological considerations for revisional surgery
2:35pm Patient selection process: Team approach (and what to do when the answer is unclear (pharmacotherapy)
2:50pm Questions/Discussion
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Introduction of Part 2 AKA: When the Answer is Yes to Revision
3:35pm Revision of AGB: Obesity relapse or complications
3:50pm Revision or Conversion of Sleeve Gastrectomy: Obesity relapse re-sleeve/convert to GBP/convert to DS or SADIE
4:05pm Revision of Sleeve Gastrectomy: Complications dysphagia/reflux/leak: conservative vs surgical intervention
4:20pm Revision of Gastric Bypass: Obesity relapse Revise pouch/GJ/long blind segment vs convert to distal
4:40pm Revision of Gastric Bypass: Complications Marginal ulcer/GG fistula/malnutrition/intussusception
5:00pm Questions/Discussion
5:30pm Adjourn