Bariatric nutrition is highly relevant in the life of every patient. However, the field is littered with misconceptions that can negatively impact the health and success of patients. This course is designed with the bariatric dietitian in mind but all health care professionals will benefit from an update on the latest evidence-based guidelines in bariatric nutrition. Preoperative and postoperative periods will be covered as well as topics that apply to both inpatient and outpatient settings. Multidisciplinary topics relating to nutrition will be incorporated to provide attendees with the ability to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams.

1:30pm Intro and Housekeeping
1:35pm Promoting Science and the Profession with Social Media
2:10pm Making an Impact with Motivational Interviewing
3:00pm Break
3:30pm When Bariatric Surgery Goes Bad: Nutrition Support Interventions
4:00pm Navigating the Bariatric Renal Challenge
4:30pm Partnering Bariatric Programs with CSAs
5:00pm Back on Track Nutrition Tips
5:30pm Adjourn