Course Overview and Target Audience

The Behavioral Health Course provides an overview of the psychological and behavioral issues of bariatric surgery patients both before and after surgery. The course is designed for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, licensed counselors and other mental and medical health professionals who work with bariatric surgery patients. This educational content is determined for an intermediate/advanced level.

1:30pm Panel: Science Lives! Teaching Patients (and Ourselves) About Research to Enhance Treatment Outcomes Panelists: Stephanie Sogg, Lisa West-Smith, Allison Grupski
2:15pm Panel Discussion
2:30pm Abstract 205297 Individuals who are successful in long-term weight loss maintenance…engage in health eating patterns and attitudes
2:50pm Break
3:20pm Abstract 205027 After Bariatric Surgery: Awareness of Eating and Emotions. Preliminary Findings …
3:50pm Abstract 205220 Chewing and Spitting and Early Post-Surgical Psychological Complications…
4:10pm Abstract 205614 Socially Desirably Responding in the Bariatric Surgery Evaluation
4:30pm Behavior and Biology Changes after Bariatric Surgery - Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol
Kristine J Steffen, PharmD PhD
5:30pm Adjourn